People Bolivarian militia

Thousands of civilian volunteers in olive-green form of training on the basis of the Venezuelan army, where they are taught to crawl on their bellies under barbed wire, shoot firearms and hunt down enemies. It is called the formation of a "police them. Bolivar "- army, recruited from patriotic civilian men and women - from students to retirees, who are united by the fact that they are willing to arms to defend the governments to take and its President Hugo Chavez.

Chavez has repeatedly pointed to the potential enemies of Venezuela - is the United States, allied with them Colombia and Venezuela within the oligarchs, as he calls his opponents. He called for volunteers to be ready, if necessary, to give their lives defending the country against "any threat, internal or external," even though Venezuela has never waged war with another nation.

Police - a "private army, a Praetorian Guard," as Rear Admiral retired Elias Buhtser, Chavez opponent. According to him, in fact, the police are not created by Chavez to counter a possible threat to the US, and to maintain control over their country in order to remain in power, because "that happen on stage there will be armed volunteers." In the picture - the participant police sneaks through thickets during exercise in Charallave, Venezuela. (AP Photo / Fernando Llano)

Participant of police aiming during firing in Charallave, Venezuela. President Hugo Chavez has paid much attention to the formation of a people's militia, repeatedly pointing to potential enemies: the United States, allied with them Colombia, and oligarchic clans within Venezuela itself. (AP Photo / Fernando Llano)

Volunteers from the police march during a training exercise in Charallave. Chavez is using the police to combine their supporters to warm patriotic fervor citizens and intimidate opponents, so they do not try to take another attempted coup, as happened in the year 2002. (AP Photo / Fernando Llano)


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