An inside look at the Belarusian-Russian military exercises

I suggest you consider a few points on the Belarusian-Russian exercises, which are not specifically appear in the news on television. Read more.

Just last week, the most important news on state television channels were reports of joint Belarusian-Russian exercises "West - 2013". On television talked about during the exercise, the excellent conditions in which they live soldiers, high level of organization. In place of exercise as military service and traveled reader "Blog Grodno", which in several parts will try to describe the reverse side of the teachings, but rather a life designed to "war».

Agenda teachings of citizens for military service began to get back in the month of June of this year. Military enlistment office was quite insistent, without disturbing the empty summons to the mailbox immediately struck right on target - the agenda of the personnel department of the enterprise, which produces the summons in the hands of a signature. Having agenda, this writer could not have thought that would be at the training camp, being the sole breadwinner in a family with a six-month baby. What was hoping ... In the recruiting office existence crumbs no one confused, answer was:

"Well, what if you have a child? I won, too, have a baby, and a friend of Major there, but we're working? In general, the rest from their own, they get bored of you! »

Word employee recruiting office that can be bored by the family, were confirmed - all 25 days of military service conducted at the site, near Grodno, without the right to visit.

Next was the control turnout and, actually, the assembly point, which was based in the building of the Trade College. All were divided into teams, then I waited a little physical. Its meaning lies in the fact that the doctor was examining only the belly near the navel, and then, without exception, recorded in the inspection sheet "healthy." Then all sit down on buses and sent to places of dislocation.

Interesting fact. Upon arrival at the part of all to pass through a breathalyzer. Guys with the presence of ppm in the blood withdrawn aside and held a preventive conversation, intimidated sending help to work with all its consequences. Then there was the inspection of personal property, and dressing up in military uniforms. Issuance of military equipment held before the end of the day. What was supposed to military service:

- B / u pants and jacket. The very form of all was different. Someone has got to c / b, someone "glass", someone "arbuzka" and some wash "digital" form
b / u boots and slates (many were outraged that will not continue wearing boots and a strange fungus)
- Cap
- Belt and trouser belts
- Working jacket (to flicker)
- A set of working clothes (trousers and tunic)
- Knapsack
- T-shirt and shorts
- Footcloths
- Hemming
- Field pot, a spoon, a metal mug, flask
- Shoe polish, toilet paper, soap, washcloth
- Mask, UGC
- Sleeping bag
- Automatic, pouch and 4 stores, bayonet

Status form all turned different. The lucky ones got new kits, wear some form was about 60%. The legacy of the Soviet star with hammer and sickle, as well as plaques. Warehouse stock is inexhaustible.

"Underwear does not stand up to scrutiny. Example T-shirts, gave me you can see in the photo. The smell of the linen was so terrible that waking up in the morning I thought that Mike washed the floor. I had to change into a "civil" T-shirt, held it until the end of duties, "- writes the exercise participants.

Soap to expire

Now, about the pot. Opening it, everything found there supplies the engine oil. What and how to wash one of the officers could not really explain. On cleanup took more than polrulona toilet paper.

Bed linen is not different from the smell of integrity and shirts.

"The first evening impressions threw one of his colleagues. The man had an attack of epilepsy. Fortunately he was with us in the ranks, and we helped someone to recover, without giving choke. But then, perhaps, leave the details.

The next day we waited up early, scheduled for 5 am. Quick breakfast at 6 am and we sit on the machines. The road to the landfill took about three hours. Immediately upon arrival of the commander I asked if there was any suggestions? Wishes were all immediately asked to organize the drinking water. But the army would not be an army, if we were given water, - the author writes. - Lunch was nominated for 14 hours. Coming out of the dining tent we met the commander, reminding about the promised drinking water. And here before us in all its power appeared the army hierarchy, which performed the show reminded residents of Comedy Club. The commander pointedly called responsible for the prod. software and systems before, do not hesitate epithets and mat, ordered him to provide the personnel with drinking water. That, in turn, began to tell that the water has boiled, hot water so no one pour. We said that we would, hot, cool down and have a drink. Order of the commander - and we go for water systems. But the water we never got going around a corner dining room, we learned that the water no one was not going to boil drinking simply do not! »

The first day was pretty heavy, is accustomed until all explored. Most bothered endless construction. On the first day there were 32. It was really funny to see how at the next calculated first someone was not enough, then there were extra, and only the third time all finally come together, although the number of people never change. By the end of the day we have water because no one has provided. Arguments iron:

- You drank tea in the dining room?

- Drinking!

- Well, what else do you want?

The exercise participants had to live in the forest. To their arrival has been partially deployed camp. A tent for 25 people. Inside the tent erected wooden bunks covered with mattresses. Sleep on them had to be wrapped in a sleeping bag. Besides tents are equipped with a small stove, "stove", hanger for jackets and a safe-bowlers.

The first night in the camp they lived really full field - absolutely no light.

Further, the author writes about the life of the organization: "We had a so-called club - a tent which were agitplakaty lay newspaper files, a television. Sometimes, using the projector, we showed films. Easy to guess, the entire movie of military subjects. They were equipped and sinks, sometimes with warm or hot water.

The dining room was our tent with tables for 40 people. Who did not take place - to eat on the street. In the rain to eat on the street is not so comfortable. Basins were near the dining room, to wash the dishes after a meal ».

Food. Of all the side dishes offered 25 days: rice, buckwheat, barley and pasta. All of this was served mixed with stewed meat. More specifically with small threads of corned beef.

Breakfast is relied consistently stale bun. White and black bread for breakfast lunch and dinner. Also at the breakfast and dinner instead of butter relied piece of bacon. Tea or tea with condensed milk (if you can call a couple of teaspoons of condensed milk to 20 liters of tea). Lunch was a bit better fed. Then I added chowder. Sometimes stew with potatoes. And a salad of banks. Sometimes the fish served for dinner. Fish - a conservative saury or sardines, warmed and served with porridge, although in such cases, no porridge cooked stew. Get used to this diet of "civilian" difficult.

Rescues sometimes call in shop PX. Truth be bought not always succeeded. Firstly, autobench tried to the maximum to serve Russian troops located within walking distance, and we have the remains of dovozit "luxury". Secondly, the mode of arrival mobile shops to the camp was known only to employees of military trade. That visit to 11, then 13, then 16. If the rumor smashed shop that came - that had all the running to buy anything. Otherwise, they swept everything. As well as visiting the family was forbidden, and no one peredachek also allow problem voentorgovskoy shop was very relevant.

Tents have seen in my life, probably more. Too many holes there. When the rains came inside the tent it was something like this:

The tent itself is very flushed. At night to drown "stove" should conscripts specially attracted to this order. In fact, it was not - we are stoked, allocating time and tossing wood into the furnace during the night. By order of the commander to any check we had to say that it stoked "conscripts».

Toward the beginning of the exercise, our camp was transformed before our eyes. They were more likely to come to different checks. After one of those brought to the landfill dumpsters.

A couple of days before the end of the tents to the charges brought tanks for drinking water. True to the water nobody poured.



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