"Topol" under the magnifying glass of US

Through the Nunn-Lugar US studying Russian technology

5 December 2009 expired START Treaty. The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that the expert group of the Russian Federation and the United States completed work on the harmonization of the provisions of the new Treaty and prepare it for signing by the President of the Russian Federation and the United States in the near future. It is noted that the Russian delegation has achieved almost excluded from the text of the agreement and its annexes some control and inspection procedures in respect of the mobile ground missile systems (PGRK) "Topol", "Topol-M" and the "yars", which the Americans have not. At the level of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation as a diplomatic victory announced the departure of a group of American observers Votkinsk Machine Building Plant (VMZ) in which they were more than 15 years.

However, even many experts in the field of strategic nuclear forces do not know that another group of American specialists raketostroitelnoy firm "Reyteyon" in the absence of the new START Treaty continues to monitor the destruction of missile RT-2PM in the center of the elimination of rocket technology in Votkinsk Machine Building Plant, by accessing the unique missile technology.

This is explained by the fact that in 1992 was still valid and concluded US-Russian agreement on the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR), also known as the Nunn-Lugar program, under which the military-industrial complex (MIC) of the Russian Federation for American financial and material hardware conscientiously eliminate rocket and autonomous launchers, which have no analogues in the world. In this Agreement, the terms of the elimination of missiles under the supervision of US inspectors are not available. But their appearance in the middle of the periodic liquidation allowed the Russian defense industry officials on its own initiative that does not meet the interests of national security of the Russian Federation.

In this connection it is relevant to carry out a critical analysis of the next assignment of the Russian side, and the assessment of damage to national defense, yet to be assessed.

It will be recalled that, unlike the Americans, the Russian side access to the set START Treaty levels of warheads and delivery vehicles carried out by eliminating the unique types of strategic offensive arms. As a result of unilateral concessions, committed by the Soviet (Russian) experts in the development of the START Treaty, we have been forced upon the execution p.2-4 Article VII of the Treaty and the Protocol on Procedures conversion or elimination facilities, which include only the elimination of ICBMs and costly infrastructure of mobile missile systems under control of US inspectors. Thus, the Protocol (Section I) stipulates that "The Parties agree on the following procedures for conversion or elimination of missiles: p.4b) of the nozzle body of rocket engines ... rumpled, flattened, cut into two approximately equal parts or destroyed by explosion; p.4e) platform warheads and warhead cone wrinkle, flatten ... »

The development of these articles of the Treaty procedure, terms of liquidation and disposal of rockets, tasks and composition of the liquidation process of mobile missile systems in the Strategic Missile Forces and defense industry of Russia actions of American inspectors are defined in the organizational and technical guidelines approved by the command of the Strategic Missile Forces and the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos). In addition, at the government level is developed annually liquidation plan missiles, comprising the destruction of 40 missiles a year. Production capacities at the center of the elimination of one shift is four missiles per month. It is located in an isolated area and is a complex of administrative and residential and industrial buildings, built with funds provided by the Nunn-Lugar program. It is noted that the level of wages of staff, technical equipment and the provision of modern technology and special equipment Center elimination compared even with the assembly shop of the missiles is different for the better.

Determined following the liquidation and disposal of missile RT-2PM: their delivery and external inspection for mechanical damage, completeness, etc .; complete dismantling of its constituent parts; registration so-called proxies of regional management of the company "Reyteyon" assembly of elements that are to be cut, including about 10 positions (transport-launch canister, propulsion rocket stages, bays and other.); sending engine cases to remove solid propellant at FSUE Perm Plant "Machine engineer"; their return and the elimination of (cutting) - under the control of the Americans.

It is an interesting question about the trusted faces working on the tasks of the regional management of the company "Reyteyon." It hired the American side of Russian specialists from former employees of VSW. They supervise the liquidation and disposal of rockets, take into account the assembly units to be imposed on US inspectors carry out the collection, compilation and analysis of information on the progress of the liquidation works expenditure of financial and logistical resources. The results of the report to the regional management of the company, which is located in Izhevsk, and is engaged in financing, production, economic and other issues in respect of the operation of the Centre and the elimination of the arsenal of the Strategic Missile Forces in Pibanshure, home of the elimination of the autonomous launchers PGRK "Topol". In addition, the VSW for 15 years, operates a special department for cooperation with the US inspectors in the exercise of monitoring the liquidation activities.

According to the organizational and technical guidance, with the accumulation of liquidation missiles to eight units (pre-sawn) made their presentation of American art, especially that coming from the US (four to six people). The cycle of the final stages of cutting eight missiles is about a week. Liquidation of work and collecting a significant amount of precious metals, non-ferrous and ferrous metals are Russian commercial structures created at VSW. They include a variety of officials, former strategic missile troops and professionals working in the assembly of missiles. Before the beginning of the destruction of steps Americans check their completeness, reconcile their special markings (that serial numbers of missiles. - MV) and authorize the work. It is noted that during the cutting steps US inspectors forbidden to touch them with your hands and leave the premises of the body (except for lunch in the canteen). According to the results of work shall be drawn up on liquidation, which is signed by both parties, and the destruction of missiles is derived from the American information database. Russian officials are pleased to announce that the comments from the Americans almost never happens. The question is whether you want to be proud of, and why control is so primitive operations in the heart of liquidation allowed the presence of professionals - with rocket firms' Reyteyon »?

Thus, the Russian defense industry to the financial and logistical resources and equipment allocated under the Nunn-Lugar program, in part related to the Strategic Missile Forces, carry out the destruction of ICBMs RT-2PM and autonomous launchers.

Instead, Russian officials allowed the presence of Americans on the liquidation activities, giving them the opportunity to allegedly control over the expenditure of financial and material resources allocated to the elimination of mobile missile systems. Of course, 15 years of monitoring the elimination of missiles and Spent VMZ Americans carried out and its main task - to study Russian missile technology, which created a unique mobile missile system "Pioneer", "Topol", "Topol-M", "yars" and "Iskander". I have heard statements of US inspectors on the loss of interest in mobile missile system.

It should be noted that the elimination of missiles also includes organizational and technical measures conducted in the formations and units. This retrofit engineering road and bridge network stations waiting; preparation of tooling; additional measures to ensure nuclear and missile systems Firefighting in the production of hazardous work; undocking warheads; planning and committing numerous and complex marches weapons and military equipment; loading units for rail platforms; sending to the arsenals of missiles, warheads, combat and support units, and various equipment for general industrial use; dismantling and shipping facilities elements "Crone", undermining its foundations and, finally, the full reclamation of land and their transfer to local authorities. However, financial and logistical resources of the Nunn-Lugar program in the armed forces have never seen. All works are financed by the articles to maintain the weapons and are carried out by the personnel of the "optimized" missile divisions and regiments in the clock work of people, their beggarly salaries and permanent threat to health and life. This eliminated facilities mobile missile systems to be controlled by US inspection teams.

It is obvious that the implementation of the Nunn-Lugar program is a one-sided process of elimination of unique species of Russian strategic offensive arms, although START Treaty provided for the liquidation and American weapons. However, the US side access to established carriers, and reduce levels of nuclear warheads carried by eliminating outdated START types, reducing the number of operationally deployed warheads and delivery vehicles, their storage and the creation of so-called return of nuclear capability. Recall that the US ICBM "MX" were declared to be mobile and should be liquidated under the supervision of Russian inspectors. In reality, dismantled the missile on stage, to extend the life, to organize their storage and maintenance. According to Russian inspectors objects battle starting positions and ICBM launch control centers "MX" are in excellent condition, which ensures rapid build-up of combat capabilities of US strategic offensive forces.

Certainly, US aid to reduce the burden on the Russian budget and provides partial funding for the State Armaments Program. Therefore, officials of government and military control like lobbying and promotion of the Nunn-Lugar program, since it is connected with trips abroad and the award of contracts to eliminate Russian START; obtaining various bonuses; meetings, support wires and Senator Robert Lugar and Sam Nunn; briefings, presentations, cultural programs, etc. At the same time, commanders (officers) and officers puzzling chronic underfunding and unacceptably low rates of re troops on PGRK "Topol-M", "yars" and "Iskander-M».

This VMZ long overdue modernization of technological equipment and expansion of production facilities.

There is a range of problems in the implementation of plans to improve the system of military command and control of nuclear weapons, which starts a negative impact on the sustainability of its functioning. An alarming state of special facilities and nuclear hazardous storage facilities, especially in the combat troops of strategic nuclear forces Armed Forces. Where sea missile complex D-30 (R & D "Mace") and scientific and technical groundwork for a new generation of ground-based ICBMs?

It should be emphasized, irrespective of the signing and entry into force of the New START Treaty, work on eliminating PGRK "Topol" will be continued - on the order of several missile divisions with expiring exploitation missile RT-2PM. It is reasonable to question whether the Russian side will make concessions to the next and will invite American experts to control the destruction of the missiles? On this occasion even worried one of the initiators to continue the CTR program in 2010 - Senator Robert Lugar.

However, legitimately ask the question, why not eliminate these missiles way to start field training starting positions Plesetsk cosmodrome? It is a unique opportunity for learning and readiness test missile battalions and crews start. At the same time, this event is convincing strategic (nuclear) deterrence of potential enemies with a demonstration of the excellent training of the personnel of the Strategic Missile Forces, high reliability and combat capabilities PGRK "Topol" and the system of command and control Strategic Missile Forces. Moreover, favorable conditions for improving the skills of personnel and operational monitoring of landfill measuring complex battle field Kura (Kamchatka).

As for the Americans, they can be invited to the viewing platform of the cosmodrome launch pad - even admired and at the same time control the start and the flight (ie liquidation) missiles. There is no doubt all will be successful missile launches.

In general, the results of the Russian side events START Treaty, particularly on the justification and implementation of solutions to eliminate the unique mobile missile complexes, inferiority of many provisions of the Treaty relating to their functioning and prospects of development, feasibility of distribution and the efficiency of public expenditure and financial flows of the Nunn -Lugara require an integrated and comprehensive test report with senior military and political leadership of the Russian Federation. Regardless of the signing of the new START Treaty.

Midyhat Petrovich Vildanov - Major General retired professor of AMS, Candidate of Military Sciences, Honored Military Specialist of the Russian Federation.

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