Modernized missile complex "Topol-M"

Modernized missile complex "Topol-M" - the first missile system, created only by Russian companies, is the core of the entire group of Strategic Missile Forces. It was on his high expectations in the preservation and maintenance of nuclear capability at the necessary level to guarantee the preservation of the country's security.

Intercontinental strategic complex "Topol-M" is a three-stage solid-fuel missile monoblock, "packaged" in the transport and launch container in which it can be at least 15 years. Period - more than 20 years.

Performance characteristics:
length of the body together with the head part - 22, 7 m,
diameter - 1, 86 m,
starting weight - 47, 2 t,
throw-weight of 1200 kg payload,
range - 11 thousand km.

For comparison:
Power Intercontinental balisticheskie missile Topol-M is 75 times more than during the bombing of Hiroshima
Distance from Moscow to Washington 7822 kilometers. By plane to can be reached in 9 hours 32 minutes. For Topol-M is a journey only takes 18 minutes and a half.

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