Arin Safadi, 24 year old girl from the Druze village of Ein Qinya

Arin Safadi, 24 year old girl from the Druze village of Ein Qinya the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, decided to marry 35-year-old Rabia Safadi from neighboring Syria last September. However, shortly before marriage, she had to sign a document according to which it was deprived of the right of residence in the Golan Heights, and, accordingly, the right to return to his father's house. The reason for this was the lack of diplomatic relations between Syria and Israel. On the same day Arin and Rabia married and moved to Jaramani, a city located near the Syrian capital, Damascus.

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1) The Israeli-Druze bride Arin Safadi in the UN buffer zone near the Syrian city of Quneitra in the Golan Heights to get married on the Syrian-Druze groom. Once it gets into Syria, it has never be back to Israel. (AP Photo / Dan Balilty)

2) The bride Arin Safadi hugs his relative, forever leaving his home in the village of Ein Qinya the Golan Heights, a strategically important plateau, which Israel captured from Syria during the Six Day War in 1967. year (MENAHEM KAHANA / AFP / Getty Images)

3) One of the relatives Arin Safadi kisses her goodbye before Arin leaves his house forever, to live with her husband in Syria. (MENAHEM KAHANA / AFP / Getty Images)

4) Arin Safadi preparing to cross the Israeli-Syrian border after leaving his home. (MENAHEM KAHANA / AFP / Getty Images)

5) Friends and relatives of the Israeli-Druze bride Arin Safadi cry during her departure in the UN buffer zone on the Golan Heights. (AP Photo / Dan Balilty)

6) The border guards are on the UN post on the Syrian-Israeli border in Quneitra, while the bride Arin Safadi goes into Syria

7) Arin Safadi goes to the Israeli-Syrian border. (MENAHEM KAHANA / AFP / Getty Images)

8) One of the relatives Arin Safadi crying, standing on the border between Israel and Syria

9) Arin Safadi with her husband, Rabia Safadi (to her right) passes through a checkpoint on the Syrian-Israeli border

10) Arin Safadi wipes tears sitting with her boyfriend in a car after crossing the Israeli-Syrian border. (LOUAI BESHARA / AFP / Getty Images)



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