Unsuitable for living space

It is considered that the necessary conditions for the emergence of life is the presence of light, oxygen and water - at least, with the majority of species of living beings on our planet is the case.

But the Earth - an amazing place, and life here sometimes there is a completely unimaginable conditions that reassuring: it is possible, someday we'll find life on other planets, where the conditions are not as favorable.

We hope that on this we will be able to tell you in a few years, and now we offer you a selection of the most extraordinary places on our planet, where he managed to emerge and survive living organisms.

1. Asphalt Lake

In the Atlantic, there is an island of Trinidad, it is unusual primarily to the fact that it is the only lake in the world, in which instead of water - liquid asphalt. Locals use the lake for their needs: every year there is produced about 100 tons of asphalt, and the lake becomes smaller - the depth of the basin is also unknown. The reasons for the origin of the mysterious natural phenomenon can only guess.

However, the most surprising - not even that. In a completely uninhabitable conditions inhabit tiny bacteria extremophiles: each gram of substance lake live about 10 million individuals. Note that the temperature of the asphalt - about 50 ° C, water is considered a prerequisite for the emergence of life, there is almost no a meager amount which is still to be found, is produced directly lacustrine inhabitants. In addition, the bacteria have to live in an oxygen-free environment - instead they use for breathing metals and hydrocarbons.

2. Radioactive water

Bacteria of Deinococcus radiodurans can withstand ionizing radiation about 10 000 Gy (five persons in obtaining Gray dies). Moreover, these bacteria prefer to live in those places where one way or another, the presence of radiation - in natural waters, containing huge amounts of radioactive substances such as radium, radon or uranium. Deinococcus radiodurans survive through continuous copying their DNA to the time the light destroys one gene, another similar molecule is already beginning to work, and the creature continues to live. In fact one individual can exist almost forever, constantly updating itself.


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