"Buy More, Pay Less"

"2 for 1", "Buy more, pay less", "20% free" ... manufacturers constantly trying to find new ways to purse buyers. This is not surprising. In 2010, the Russian retail trade of food, beverages and tobacco increased by 5, 1% after the fall of the previous year. It seemed that the economy is recovering: the population has ceased to save on the essentials - food. However, in the next two years, sales grew by just over 3%. In the first quarter of 2013, the figure was 1, 6%.

The trend of recent years - the savings on volumes. Since Soviet times we got used to the fact that in the standard package of 1 liter of milk or juice bottle - 1 liter of vegetable oil, a pack - 200g butter, and in the standard paper "bricks" - 1 kg of flour, salt or sugar. Now the standard is increasingly becoming the exception.

Milk and dairy products

For several years to buy a liter of milk is not easy: most manufacturers have become "nedolivat" about 5-7% of this volume. Russia's largest producers of dairy products - "Wimm-Bill-Dann" (in 2011 acquired PepsiCo; brands "Merry Milkman", "Little House in the Country") and the combined «Danone-Unimilk" ("Buttermilk", "Summer Day" "Assets" et al.). Their combined market share - about 50%.

At PepsiCo explain "Nedolya" crisis: incomes have fallen, and the raw materials and energy continues to rise. "Therefore, manufacturers were forced to a slight decrease in the volume and weight of products, to continue to offer customers products at the best price," - said in response to the Russian branch of the company at the request Forbes. In Danone - «features of the package (launched in 2006), in which the process is impossible to pour more».

The question is not whether the customer is introduced misleading, Danone representative in Russia said that "information litrazhnosti in 930 ml of sufficiently well visualized on the package." At PepsiCo added: "All the information about the product - on the packaging, so the choice for consumers».


More than half of the Russian juice market, as well as dairy products, controlled by transnational companies: PepsiCo («Favorite», J7, «I", "Orchard", "100% Gold» et al.) And Coca-Cola («Good" Rich, «Yes!", "My Family"). Therefore, "the decrease in" touched and juices.

The representative of Coca-Cola in Russia, but notes that the amount of juice series "My family Premium» connected "to the technology of packaging equipment," and "all other products [company] is available in 1 liter packs." According to the official website of the company, in formats 0, 1 and 95 liters, 93 liters of juice are also presented, "Yes!»


If cooking apple pie or biscuits, you will need 180 grams of butter, no problem: today manufacturers packed it in that division. And if you still 150 g or 200 g, you will have to resort to using his eyes.


"The price is lower," - reads the slogan on the front side of the wrapper chocolate Alpen Gold (manufacturer Kraft Foods). On the one hand it sounds tempting, on the other - a sly: following the price "thin" and herself a chocolate bar with the usual 100 g to '90 reason is the same - the crisis. According to our research company, consumers are often reported that they would prefer a little less to the size of the package as an alternative to changes in the value of the product, says the Mondelez International (until October 2012 - Kraft Foods).

Unlike manufacturers, such as dairy products and juices, chocolate makers are just beginning to explore new marketing moves. While the standard chocolate bar other well-known manufacturers, such as "Babaev" or "Alenka", still weighs 100 g

Sunflower oil

The largest producers of oil in the country GC "Yug Rusi" ("Golden seed", "Avedov", "Golden") and "Aston" ("Magic Land", "The venture") is also packed their products at 0, 9-0, 95 l. This applies to brands ekonomsegmenta - "Svetlitsa" and "Yug Rusi" (for each company, respectively). "Aston" produces "Svetlitsa" since mid-2009. In GC "Yug Rusi" on request Forbes did not respond. Competitors' products - Bunge («Oleina», Ideal, «Carnival") and EFCO ("Sloboda") - as long as it is still possible to buy a 1 liter.


Manufacturers claim that "ten years already as" no rice or buckwheat, millet or not sold in packs of 1 kg - Standard 900 This is due to production equipment, said the representative of holding "Agro-Alliance", one of the largest producers croup.

Other grocery

Sugar, flour and salt are still sold in the familiar packaging of 1 kg. But and here there are exceptions.


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