Santas World

Russian Santa Claus comes in a sheepskin coat, boots, and with the smell of fume.

Belarusian Santa Claus comes with a mustache and a sack of potatoes.

Harlem Dead Mr. Ozz has a thick gold chain with hand and talking rap. With him goes Maiden Volodarskiy and all transfers.

Croatian Santa Claus - has brought us a gift.

Jewish Santa Claus comes with a curly beard, takes the children and gives presents poems. If it comes as Russian - a stale, then takes another two liters of fume with them. Sometimes the Jewish Santa Claus congratulates children by telephone or telegram. But most of all, he is sitting at home, and all come to him.

Chinese Santa Mo Rose comes and recall last year's gifts. He is dressed in the latest fashion, but feels fake - often falls off his beard. Mo Rose hates children for what their 300 million. New Year's Eve, he is a bit up to a billion times because brings gifts to domestic production. In these cases, Chinese Santa Mo Rose apologizes and takes as a gift to a child from large Chinese families.

German Santa Claus comes in a suit plumbing, and not to children. In the bag is only videopodarki ...

Dutch Santa Claus can not decide who he is: Van Le Claus or Snow Maiden? Only comes to those who strongly Hunted. As a rule, children who are badly behaved all year. Dutch Santa Claus arrives with eight reindeer on the ship, sits on the window sill and begins to smoke out of the apartment pink elephants. Sometimes it is affectionately known Guss Hiddink.

African Santa Claus does not come at all. Because the drylands of Africa Frosts rarely live up to Santa.

Hellish Santa Kreved-username Moross comes with Bojan, talking with quotes bashorga: beer, cat, shredder, blonde.

The Indian Santa Claus four arms and an elephant's head, so that all children in India gray.

Polish Santa Claus name Djedzh Morodj.

French De'Dmoroz comes with a bottle of champagne and the first thing offers to call the Snow Maiden.


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