A day in the life of the bus driver

Riding in the front seat two grandmothers. Minibus almost complete. At the stop
the guy comes. Pass the driver 10 rubles per trip and received the surrender - 1 ruble. The ruble from hand slips and falls under the seat grandmothers.

Man leans over and tries to surrender, suddenly, farts. The bus - chuckle, chuckle. And one of the grandmothers said another: "And the cost of rublin since tearing ass!" Minibus exploded with laughter. Man becomes crimson and requests to stop the minibus.
A minute later a minibus comes to a respectable lady. Bus continues to laugh. The lady is starting to nervously look. Maybe it was over her laugh? Here grandmother, roaring with laughter, start to tell the story of the lady with the ruble. The lady also starts laughing and then she takes off from the nose nozzle and hits the grandmothers ... The lady asks to stop the minibus.

Going further, roaring with laughter. The driver, too, along with all the laughs, pulls out a cigarette, lights, opens the hatch overhead. By releasing smoke into the hatch, refers to grandmothers, "You under the hatch (padlyukam) is not blowing?" Salon explodes from a new bout of laughter. The driver, realizing that he said, falls out of the cab, dancing and ugorayu ...

The same bus 20 minutes later.
Bus terminus with "Sugar village." They all sat down, the seats are occupied ... Drove started the car ... The door opens grandmother ... And then he drove asks: "My dear, you have the end of sugar?". On the shuttle bus was easy chuckle ... Drove without hesitation replied: "I do not know, did not try!".
By bus went public rzhach! Grandma examined hawk eyes interior realized that availability is not present ... And stretching 10p. cage said:
"Take me standing!". The driver of the cab falls into the snow and shaking in a hysterical fit.


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