How things work: The driver of the minibus

The driver of the minibus anonymously told how much earns as struggling with violent passengers, who goes in the "barker" and why marshrutchiki take into conductors of his wives. Quite an interesting review.

About hiring

There are those among marshrutchiki who have two degrees - sat behind the wheel, when the crisis occurred. And so it remained overcast. First and foremost you have to be calm - a thousand passengers, and you alone. If each react not stand long.
To get the bus driver, must have a medical certificate and license category D. In the personnel department will offer routes that differ in graphics and extent - there are different options, for example, you can work from seven in the morning until nine at night or six in the morning until midnight. Accordingly, the difference in earnings. Drivers themselves choose the appropriate direction, usually looking for with reference to its area, closer to home. I'm ten years twice changed routes.
Beginners first three days of probation - to remember the way. While those who have already worked on public transport, and a lack of the day, or even one lap. If the route early, then we have to reserve the bus drives up the depot. Before leaving the line of Nurse checks: it measures the pressure, assesses overall health. If you change any worries - give a tablet, if something more serious - are sent to the hospital.
Before leaving, some rituals are carried out - someone prays someone circles around the car pulls, and I with his right hand behind his left ear and try to rustle denomination's first salon to let a woman.

About payment

In the municipal depot avtobusniki trolleybusniki-shift work and receive salaries. We are building a graph can be changed or at least every day to work. Our salary - a formality on paper, it is important that you are the owner of the money brought. You give the plan (in my case - 500 hryvnia per day), fill the machine (minimum 350 hryvnia), the rest is yours. The amount of the plan is based on Nakata: foreman calculates how much money you have for the day dashed off, throws refueling remaining - this is the norm. That is, our earnings - revenue is in excess of the plan. As a result, on the route from 6 am to 12 at night I get an average of 200 hryvnia per day.

Best of all, especially in the summer, work on commuter buses. There's more people and travel more expensive - not 2, 5 hryvnia, both in the city and 7-10 hryvnia. And there is no congestion. And in a city: traffic light - stop light - stop, harder work.

On road wars

Passengers are not enough, you have to execute the plan, and here competitors. You start chasing, cut, to be the first to stop the drive. At such moments, you forget about the passengers in the cabin. However, then when cooled down, you realize that I could do. Just recently on our route two cars collided.


For bus drivers have a separate section in the rules of the road. What can the rest, we can not, for example, smoking or listening to music loudly. In general, the traffic police has no right to stop us in the middle of the route, but in the end - please. Check documents, tires, one can find fault in anything. If you feel that bald tires or general bad technical condition - of course, fine. For the first time, in my opinion, 680 hryvnia, and the second - deprivation of rights for one year. Therefore, in each fleet cars are inspected in the evening, for the night service station eliminates the problems. Of course, you can substitute a penalty just give money, cheaper to come, but we are paying out of pocket. At the request of passengers, I often stop, but in each case to assess the situation on the road - can slow down or not. It happens that today turned out to release the person, and the next day - no. And in the cabin starts complaining, they say, why not stop.

About breakdowns

When a failure occurs on the road, the driver calls the mechanic, he notes the time, and I drop the passengers and drives off the route. Sometimes the door jammed, puncture happen. We try to fix everything in place, then just an hour or two falls. If I can not go, then take away the car on a trailer service station. Every two months we have TO-2 - the bus is completely disassembled and assembled again.

About assistant

Some end stops, for example, on Darnitsa, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, we help line managers - "barkers". There are many minibuses goes in one direction, and visitors do not know how to take them. "Barkers" announce the most popular stops. Each is tied to some kind of a particular route. Standing on his stop manager should always be - in the snow, in the rain, hail. If the sick leaves mate.
Our light before performing on stage, and now sings in the church choir, and here all day shouting "Troieschyna already sent marshrutochka! The market "Troyeshchina" market "Youth", "Bill", who where - all here! "One day near the girl with kvass was because she sang:" Take the road purse to drink in a way kvasok! "Or" Why do we kofeёk if there kvasok the way! "The owner wanted to drag it into the" barkers "- refused.
The conductor is officially not, because no one wants to 70 hryvnia per day to work. If someone collects money for travel, it is mostly the wives. Or friends who go to work in the morning, can help. And so the whole day itself.


If you long to work on the same route, the continuously passengers. People sometimes have chosen: this is not going anywhere - it is harmful, but we'll go with that, though there is no space, but where asked to stop.
Recently, a passenger drove his subway station and reach the final. On the way back to talking - it turned out we were from the same city, and once lived nearby. The woman agreed to ride with me one lap and we just remembered his childhood.
And there, sitting any old lady and all the way mutters. One day a couple of sure will fall. They put out - you start to confuse the gas-brake, you can stop to listen. More knocks when passengers next to each other talk loudly, but you have no right to prohibit them.
To file a complaint call the authorities, of course. On every occasion - he did not stop there, shaking in the cabin. Yes, and no calls are outraged at the site: braked sharply - crying about the fact that "no wood!". People do not realize that the road is not all depend on me - and can be cut and the road pop. More happens to the ultimate driving up, lit a cigarette, and then be sure someone will make a remark. But more still because stops are outraged, they say, why stop here yesterday, and today is no. I try in place to settle all conflicts. But some do not say anything to me, just call the authorities. But to dismiss the complaint may, yes. You smoke in the cabin, or you have a lot of complaints - all good-bye. As for the beneficiaries, according to the law bus driver must carry them for free, but no more than two at a time. We Ammunition and five and six! But no one has yet called on the same phone superiors and expressed gratitude to the driver.

About hares

According to the rules, I have to stop obiletit passengers and only then go. But, of course, there is no time to stand - in much easier way. Zaitsev try to calculate more at the entrance. In the rearview mirror I look, who are not paid and not going to - are planted. I say that Santa Mazai on vacation. Some drivers stop, muffle the engine and waiting to give the fare. But this is a bad way: wait until the hare torment the conscience, can be long, and the time comes, the graph is broken, then the entire team problems.
As for vandalism, pests, then, according to my observations, the bus is not spoiled. Is that if a route through some boarding passes, then all the rest spray-painted, cut up. But steel glue advertising, and for us it gets from the authorities. We have everything it should be - to wipe, wash tear.

About Alcoholism

With drunken companies struggle not really work. Makes it notes, stop, and there comes to shove - it is when it all suffered, the cabin bottles ride. Previously, this often happens. Once called 102: reported for some street food, the guys arrived and took violent. But lately, it seems more young people become cultural. Although, maybe I was just lucky with the route. There is another category of drunks - the ones that come and sleep. We have to wake them up in the end, to explain where they are. Some understand what drove the wrong way - ask to take them back. Others at the entrance asked, saying, wake me up at a certain stop. I do not deny. But to drink - is excluded. In the morning I pass inspection - the route will not be released. Now with this strictly. Because one can take away the licenses of the entire company, and we have this 270 buses. But Fools always enough, there are those who in the end kvass. I'm going home after a shift in his car, so I can not drink, and some even going for a beer after the change.


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