From Nizhny Novgorod bus made brand

"Minibus» T171 or web-explosive wave in action. Article Alexei Tsverova .In Nizhny Novgorod has a bus route 171, this is probably the most popular and longest route In Town.

Before moving on to the story, you start with the fact that in Nizhny Novgorod under the "minibuses" refers to the type of buses PAZ, that is, it's not Mercedes vans or at worst Gazelle, as in Moscow, a "keyway." They are very much in the city and in fact, they kept the whole transport sistema.Tak Historically, all 171 Nizhny Novgorod route is associated with the carrier IP Kargin , which performs most of the traffic on this route.

Unlike other perevozchikovTak it happened due to the fact that the carrier has taken on the one hand socially oriented attitude and always tried to keep the price of transportation below 1-2 ruble compared to other routes. On the other hand, they clearly communicate to consumers the attributes of the brand and the main advertising message:

«minibus with yellow bumper, with cheap fares, where you can still win something».

blockquote> Approximately so the minibus passengers are perceived and perceive. To separate themselves from the rest of the carriers they've done

three things:

Prices on the ruble cheaper; yellow bumper; a monthly prize drawing among the passengers. Thanks to all this, "taxi» T171 has received national recognition and popularity. People were often willing to spend a little more time waiting for the bus, but to go to the T171, to participate in the raffle.

How to conduct a hoax? In the beginning, the passengers were asked simply to collect the tickets in a month, and then just hung out in the bus numbers to win tickets.

The original form of tickets for the route T171. i>

Later it was possible to register a ticket over the Internet and view all results online. And finally, at some point you can instantly learn about winning erasing a special field on the ticket.

with a scratch ticket lottery code i>.

The names and photos of winners with prizes hung in the most conspicuous place in minibuses and on the website.

The winners of online taxi. i>

As I recall during my study at the institute it was very cool, if someone from friends won a phone or a camera in "shuttle". I myself can say that the T171 super bus, I drove her to the institute.

National recognition and protection of Brendan end of 2010, the T171 to the route right away, or more precisely IP Kargin lost the tender, despite the fact that prior to this, he served 10 years, and this trend is real people genuinely loved taxis with yellow bumpers.

Blast wave in the web-deystviiPassazhiry T171 support their favorite "minibus". The local forum topic about that minibuses with yellow bumpers no longer will become very popular, people condemned the actions of the authorities, for pomoschi.Passazhiram organized themselves as a result managed to defend the "minibus»:

ZaklyuchenieT171 a real local brand, it does not have representation in the social networks, but it is a social brand. It has its own audience and she is ready to defend it if necessary. The brand itself is owned by the consumers, not the business owner, what many do not realize. Consumers decide to live or brand umeret.Nalichie Facebook page does not make your social brand, does not create around him a loyal community of this, does not guarantee that in difficult times consumers will come to your pomosch.Ne have to "post" entertainment content to their representation in social media, thinking that this is what users want, you need to hold social position in the business and communicate with the audience, to listen to her and thank her and then in bad times for business support vas.Oni your users will not support you if all what have you associate it posts about the "Good morning" and "how are you" on the Facebook page and other social media representative. It's not important.

What's unusual:
Do you know many brands in the field of urban transportation? It's really crazy to make the brand from a simple bus, but it works? A lot of you know of cases when consumers save business? You know a lot of cases from Nizhny Novgorod?

If you read this note, Oleg Anisimov and Oleg Tinkoff, the business owner should be required to invite the transfer of "Business secrets with Oleg Tinkoff».



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