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Elevators - very handy in terms of contact with the surface of the advertising audience: people with nowhere to go, except that his eyes zakryt.Do recently in Russia, this type of advertising is considered a patented invention. Exclusive rights to the invention has the company Rayman Enterprises. For a nominal fee, she passed him on license agreements companies offering services in placing advertisements in elevators. In Moscow and the Moscow region was the advertising agency Simex.

However, in the summer of 2010, having received notice of the illegal use of funds for advertising, the company Advance Group, owned by News Outdoor, filed with the Chamber of Patent Disputes objection to the issuance of the patent of the Russian Federation in this invention, on the ground that the advertising in elevators can not be assigned to the invention.

As a result, the patent for advertising in the elevators was canceled. The decision of the House at Simex Rospatent called unfair, but refused his challenge, adding that the license fees are non-refundable.

We hope that now advertising in Russian elevators presented today stickers and leaflets in the stands under glass, will delight the residents of houses creativity. After all, the world has been using the unique possibilities offered by this platform: interactive, dynamic, and the ability to play with the shape. Elevator no longer just a vehicle, it is becoming an integral, very prominent and interesting part of the communication.

The site has collected the best examples of advertising with elevators and escalators.

DveriRuchnoe opening the doors of the elevator we associate with the extraordinary power of a man who can do it. We took advantage of this association in Brazil in advertising the new film Superman and India in advertising fitness center. The public service announcement on Human Rights on the doors of the elevator depicted the prisoner, who did not have the strength to independently open the prison doors and escape to freedom. A Chinese creatives in advertising chewing gum "jammed" lift teenager.

Sliding doors of the elevator as a metaphor of the divorce proceedings are often used to advertise divorce attorney. The idea Agency gkk DialogGroup Germany is as follows: on the doors of the elevator business center depicts a happy couple newlyweds. Every time the elevator doors opened, the couple broke up, and on the wall of the elevator advertising flaunts Office divorce lawyer with the number of floors.

Lawyer Mr.Sebastian k. Jose wanted to preserve the image of a serious professional and not to play the drama of couples. Agency Fortune Promoseven, Oman developed informative and emotionally traumatic advertisements in the elevator.

As the elevator doors converge and diverge, it is possible to use this approach for different objects to each other. Examples: advertising PDC in Fiat Punto and extreme advertising clothing for extreme skiing Snuff.

PeremescheniePoka man riding in an elevator, you can use the change of altitude and "attach" it to your message. How did this fitness center, gluing sticker arrow with kopilaynom "controlling weight" to index the floor on which the dapper elevator. Or how cognitive channel Science, which put the balance in the car, in order to empirically prove to people strange fact: "When we go down our weight lessĀ».

Some shopping centers and office buildings, elevators are perfectly visible from the outside. Why not use it? Labels in the form of cars Ford Escape and layout truck showed their strength people outside elevators.

5. The internal structure of the elevator car prostranstvoOsobennosti originally used to prove the existence of cockroaches behind the refrigerator, to demonstrate the inner man in the advertising of natural science exhibitions, as well as for the entertainment of people in the African advertising marmalade Jelly Tots.

The agency Wirz / BBDO Swiss made people feel in the elevator free fall in advertising school of parachuting.

5. The space outside the framework of a campaign to improve literacy agency Bounce and organization Greenville Literacy Association used the effect of an optical illusion, placing the inscription on the lifts, which can be read only standing at a certain point.

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