I paid for the urban race of life

April 10 about seven o'clock in the evening on Prospect Victory in Kiev there was a terrible accident. Two cars - BMW 3-Series and the Honda Civic - decided to make the race ...

Day off, little machines, so why not drive? However, the prospect - not the best place for such rallies as public transport goes here quite tight, but, apparently, the young people were deeply spit on the trolley, bus and its passengers. Young people wanted to "fly low".

Learn the technical details of what happened (who and what side who caught) - the task of the expert traffic police. Eyewitnesses testify tragedy - BMW flying at a speed of not less than 180-200 km / hr. Those who managed to look into the interior of the car, say - speedometer stuck at fantastic for the city around 197 km / h. The car went around trucks coming from the right, while respecting everything that could disturb. Ahead "suddenly" (at that speed all "suddenly") there was a bus, people planted at the bus stop. For Daewoo Matiz stop was enabled emergency gang, the driver who went out for cigarettes.

Lost control, BMW rammed a minibus taxi and a minibus overturned on strike. Also, like the ball in the pocket, does not want to stop the shell from the wheels drove Matiz in the underpass. The driver of BMW, 20-year-old Yuri G., a student of the Faculty of International Relations of the Kiev university, died on the spot, his passenger walked around bent piece of metal in a state of shock, later in the hospital in a coma. Five bus passengers with injuries of varying severity were taken to hospital.

In this case, the subjunctive is for everyone who had to be the evening of April 10 near the site of the accident, a great incentive for a good prayer. If the transition, which flew parked cars, were pedestrians if the Stop were more people if the bus was standing a couple of meters closer and did not go to the direction of travel, and completely flew to the pavement, if the driver Daewoo Matiz hesitated in a parked car if Honda laid bump and flew to the oncoming ... In these cases, the accident in Kiev would have a chance to become the same blood as sadly memorable accident in Kharkiv with a jeep, taking off at a stop. Consider one more factor - a collision at such exorbitant even for highway speed was 500 meters to the traffic lights and pedestrian crossing, and the brakes "street racers" is clearly not planned!

20-year-old driver had paid for their silly and wild desire to arrange a race urban life. His companion, not having enough of the mind in order to stop this madness, has paid health. It is not known what will be the consequences of the accident for the injured passenger minibus. Hopefully, doctors and the time to do their job. Scares more - this manner of driving at the weekend was the capital for something ordinary. The same day, the 10th of the author of this article saw with my own eyes on the street Saksaganskogo as Subaru «competed" with Porsche, Honda Accord and a Toyota Camry. Himself Victory Avenue is often used by riders of all stripes (and brand are found) as a testing ground for the destruction of facilities and the satisfaction of ambition. And complexes destroyed, and ambitions are met at the expense of the other, moving quietly and nobody touched motorists.


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