Talk about a barbecue (41 pics + text)

Soon the long-awaited May holidays. It's time for a barbecue.
Be sure to take note of these 15 tips.

On top sprinkle coal embers erupted twice what you usually taken.
Let inflames itself, do not touch it, go take care of business.

Tongs remove those coals which lay at the top and has not yet had time to really flare up.
Put them slide to the other side barbecue.
Perhaps they will soon need, and in the meantime just have time to ignite properly.

Leave only well erupted and spread the embers of their slides to the edges of the barbecue, leaving the middle free.
So it is necessary to well-roasted barbecue at the edges and not burnt in the middle.
Give coal ash cover the first white, then obmahnite a fan of his and put skewers - now everything will turn out!
Why do onions?

It is often used for marinating kebabs onion.
What for? It seems to affect the taste and texture of meat.
But tell me, if you shift the meat whole onions, meat somehow change? No!
But if you just cut onions, and in this case the impact will be relatively insignificant!
So pour the chopped onion with coarse salt and spices, but how to put down his hands, so he let the juice.
Now let's flesh!
Simply does not happen


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