Talk about a barbecue (41 pics + text)

Soon the long-awaited May holidays. It's time for a barbecue.
Be sure to take note of these 15 tips.

On top sprinkle coal embers erupted twice what you usually taken.
Let inflames itself, do not touch it, go take care of business.

Tongs remove those coals which lay at the top and has not yet had time to really flare up.
Put them slide to the other side barbecue.
Perhaps they will soon need, and in the meantime just have time to ignite properly.

Leave only well erupted and spread the embers of their slides to the edges of the barbecue, leaving the middle free.
So it is necessary to well-roasted barbecue at the edges and not burnt in the middle.
Give coal ash cover the first white, then obmahnite a fan of his and put skewers - now everything will turn out!
Why do onions?

It is often used for marinating kebabs onion.
What for? It seems to affect the taste and texture of meat.
But tell me, if you shift the meat whole onions, meat somehow change? No!
But if you just cut onions, and in this case the impact will be relatively insignificant!
So pour the chopped onion with coarse salt and spices, but how to put down his hands, so he let the juice.
Now let's flesh!
Simply does not happen

Cut small pieces of the back of the ram's thigh.
Rump cut flat squares.
Mix meat and salty bacon with onions, zira, crushed coriander seeds and black pepper.

Broil skewers after two hours of marinating, carefully removing all the meat with the onion.

Turn the skewers often barely begins to drip from them juice and fat.
Do not let the coals ignite.

After 10-12 minutes everything will be fine!
The point is the meat!

The easiest way to cook a good quality meat kebab.
Barbecue marble beef does not need virtually no marinade.
Suffice it to salt the meat and season it with pepper.

Much more important is the correct spices prozharka.
If the meat is tender and juicy in itself, something to keep it juicy, pieces on skewers should be cut a little larger.
About nonsense
There is no greater folly than the phrase "This is only Kebab ..." - can finish the sentence at its own discretion.
Shish kebab is almost anything threaded on skewers and fried over the coals.
Not to mention the meat, even if it is in the book of pork lamb.

And without me, everyone knows that pork neck - a miracle as good on the barbecue.
I would also fried it ... well, almost without spices.
But out of respect for tradition, here you are, please!
Rub through a medium grater couple of tomatoes and drain the clear, nearly colorless juice.
Let the pulp, seeds and skin remain in a thin sieve or muslin.
Add the tomato juice as much soy sauce, starch, paprika, honey, salt and a little sesame oil. As Mix the marinade and dip into it fairly coarsely chopped meat.

Separately, cut into small cubes hot pepper, leek, garlic.
Strung the meat on skewers and sprinkle it with the mixture.

During roasting shish kebab, after the meat has already covered the first crust, put the remaining marinade in a bowl with a brush.
Follow barbecue attentively, because this marinade is prone to burning.

But with a bowl of rice vodka a barbecue is very good and justifies all the hassle.
A fish the worse?
Grown by farmers starlet still red of its kind, but the taste of it - let us down. Obscenities taste, and almost no flavor!

It turns out there is no reason to abandon the spices!
Yes, even some spices - the most colorful and fragrant, not to say harsh.
Three tablespoons of plain yogurt (katyk, yoghurt, even sour cream - all this will do), one and a half tablespoons of tomato paste, two tablespoons of Indian mixture, "Tandoori masala", floor heads of garlic, a good piece of ginger, a tablespoon of paprika, cardamom seeds of ten pods, a teaspoon of red pepper, a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt - all of this grind and mix using the blender and put on fish.
Leave for six hours in a cool place.

I do not like to fry the fish clamped wire frame.
I want to fry it as follows, from all sides.
Therefore, only a skewer!

I do not know what is a lemon?
Lemon to anything, to be honest!
About this fish and so guests will remember for a long time, without any lemon, believe me.
Baranja eggs, God forgive me!

Eternally they do not know what to do with these sheep eggs!
Cut open lengthwise, cutting through not too deep. Remove the shell.
Next choice:
1) cut, salt, strung on a skewer and grill to send. Do not overcook!
2) salt, sprinkle with a mixture of red pepper - burning and sweet - with breadcrumbs and send to the BBQ.
Serve in all cases with lemon or bunk-Sharabi, drink white wine (if not vodka). You can even finely chopped garlic, pour it a good olive oil and served with eggs, along with a simple bread with a crispy crust.
Deceive consumers, saying "these are seafood».
Just do not translate wasting valuable product, treating the ladies and those who do not understand ...
Vegetables gland

It is clear: good vegetables to meat kebab.
Bake on hot coals, chop, add garlic and so on. N. - All of this is well known.
But something new out of the same? Please.
Large garlic cloves cut into slices along - this is the most difficult.
Aubergine slice of tomato, garlic, slice onion, pepper, salt, cumin-dance.
Well wrapped in caul, to guard against the loss of valuable juices and greater exchange between the flavors and aromas vegetables.

So, just nothing here for me to respond to shout "bold».
All the fat melts and drips into the coals, in the vegetables as much as is necessary, and there is very thin plenochka purely as a little ... did not say a word about the indecent means of protection.
Stuffed vegetables

There are chili peppers, which only pretend to be sharp.
They grow up in a hurry, they are sun-something almost never seen, and therefore gets more, but almost no burning. Especially if you have to remove the seeds and partitions.
Believe me, it is not difficult.

But in the hollow peppers can cram a lot of stuffing.
A stuffing can be prepared with lots of aromatic herbs: mint, basil, cilantro and leeks.
Leek also can be filled with, as you can see. And yet the young eggplants!
Fry must first from the ends to the stuffing sticking, prizharilsya that it has not flowed out of vegetables when it melts fat.

And then roast and sides!

I'll tell you a secret - it's great, it's very good! It's just a great success - a barbecue.

But to prepare such kebab in stuffing anything extra is not necessary - only meat and fat tail.
Season with salt and well mixed, knock.
You see to what smoothness kneaded mince ordinary mixer?

Prisolit eggplant, before stringing them on skewers.
A first roll of meat patties such things, and then strung them on a skewer.

And so it was not necessary to make such large meatballs, though they were somewhat smaller in diameter than the eggplant.
Then the eggplant fire would be even better, and their flesh is porous, absorbing meat juices, would be soft and flowing, like chocolate!
But it is also very good!
Anchovy Steak

Take the loin of lamb back where edges are gone, and the meat is perfect for grilling.
Chop off the remnants of the spine, though there will be only a small appendage - it will not prevent us to roll a piece of meat in the ring.
And take a leek.
Remove the onions a few leaves and boil them a few minutes to make them pliable and did not break at the joints.

Four onion cut into half rings and simmer for a long time in a frying pan with a mixture of butter and olive oil until the onion begins to blush.
Then add back a few rosemary leaves, garlic and anchovy fillets six.
When the fire red-onion Put everything in a blender, add a little balsamic vinegar and grind to a smooth paste.
Apply this paste on the inside of the steak, steak and tie a bow to make it convenient to fry on the grill.

Serve with marinated artichokes and olive oil, drink wine, but next time do not tie up a steak in a circle, and the criss-cross, notched fat in the right places.
So you can fry the steaks and sides of bacon so heated with unnecessary fat. But delicious vyzharki at the edges of the steak will be very appropriate!
Moscow Ring
The idea is familiar to my readers more of the first book:
well spread beef, spices, wrapped in caul, cut washers and strung on a skewer.
It's very simple!

But change the terms: instead, take beef veal, and instead of the gland - thin strips of fat tail. Quite a different result! Very tender and juicy meat. Yes, and with good taste!
I can add: the rump is not required.
You can play with bacon, ham, and what else God will send.
The main idea - in particular, the layered structure barbecue.
Skewers of language

Lamb and veal tongue, though the beef more tender, but still too hard to prepare them skewers familiar way.
Therefore, let me introduce a fundamentally different approach to marinating products for barbecue.
See languages ​​are placed in the vegetable mixture of onions, peppers, garlic and grated tomatoes.
Everything is salted and seasoned. And ... on fire!
Yes, even on a very small, but the fire.

An hour later softened language well and have got a good flavor, they are transmitted from vegetables.

But look, what the riches of remains in the pan!
Do not let the abyss good - drain the broth in a saucepan and set it on fire to evaporate the excess moisture and thus thicken.

Before sending it to the BBQ smazhem pieces language the sauce.

Do not fry too long, barbecue will be ready very soon.
Its taste is so good that he'll lead you to attempts to prepare the way for something else.

Skewers of mutton rёbryshek

For example, skewers of mutton rёbryshek prepared by the previous recipe, it turns out perfectly!
Extraordinarily delicate texture and a completely new taste for barbecue.
Viva classics!

Yet, whatever you say, and how do not excel, and if cook most ordinary kebab removed from the back of lamb fillet, it is, in my opinion, the most delicious that you can get from the men's Entertainment called "BBQ».

Nothing more, least of spices, a pinch of salt and correct prozharka!

A vinegar? Yes, good, infused with spices and herbs vinegar already on the skewers and finely chopped onion. And not just toast for long! This barbecue is good only in the first few minutes after the barbecue.
And whether it is necessary and more?


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