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This weekend in Valencia, Spain held the European Grand Prix, "Formula 1". At the invitation of Kaspersky Lab, which is the main sponsor of the Ferrari team, I was able to visit not only the most interesting places, but also to live to see the work of the winning team.

When it comes to the "Formula 1", we first imagine the cars that lightning sweep in front of television cameras. Today, however, I propose to go behind the scenes and a few hours before the start of view, how to construct the famous race ...


Entrance to the race. Bags studying formally, inspectors are set very loyal and friendly:


Tickets chips allow to visit different areas of the race. We got two: Blue lets go to the paddock Club, green in motorhome. What is it and I'll show you below:


Tickets for the second day of the race:


At the entrance are many souvenir shops with T-shirts, caps, T-shirts and other merchandise with racing symbols:


Alonso - the Spaniard, so all the people rooting for Ferrari in Valencia. He, by the way, won the race:


Immediately after entering the spectators get to the area where they meet animators and clowns. It's very fun, bright and colorful:


Generally, the whole area of ​​"Formula-1" - is part of the city on the coast, which is fenced off for the duration of the race:


"Formula 1" as a layer cake, in the center Raceway. The first layer - a series of special sliding bus, motor home, which houses the racing team:


This motorhome Ferrari - a huge transformer, assembled from several buses in a palace:


Inside, the main room is a cafe and lounge area, behind them is a series of small rooms for drivers, team owners and the guests of honor of the race:


Luca di Montezemolo, president of Ferrari and team owner. He went to talk to the press, because inside the motorhome allowed only a few lucky ones:


The next "layer" of the race - the second series of motor home. They are already going directly to the preparation of arrivals:


For example, motorhoumy Maroussi, which foreigners called Marash:


Motorhome Ferrari - one of the biggest and brightest:


The press is not allowed inside, so the majority of journalists and guests were watching the riders in front:


A very close already happening training - team personnel wash wheel:


Passes inside:


During one race team may use a limited number of sets of rubber, so each of them strictly and closely following:


This zone may undergo only the participants, technology and personnel Serviced race. They each have a nominal set of headphones:


Further, garage (box), the last frontier before the highway. Even we, the holders of special permits, there can be only if accompanied. Along the way, you can see the rubber prepared for the race: each wheel individually packed and connected:


Garage, holy of holies:


This car Alonso, on it he will win the race. True, he exploded: engineering mechanisms and check all parts of the machine:


Incidentally, the day of the race we had a wedding anniversary and as a gift we were allowed to watch the race from the garage. I'll tell you more about this in the next post:


In boxing weight laptops, monitors and various digital toppings. Everything is computerized to a limit:


So it looks like a garage from the pit lane, the part of the race track, where there are technical stops:


General view of the pit lane. The speed is limited in this area, but in '93, before the introduction of this rule, Ayrton Senna set a record for the race after passing through the pit line and reducing thus the distance range:


Between the track and the pit lane are special cabins. For monitors sit some of the most important people of the team: they watch the parameters of the car remotely and adjust them, in fact, define the strategy of the race:


And this man shows a passing rider arrival data - location, time, etc. Each pilot your people:




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