Abilities cheovecheskoy memory

Valery Lavrinenko stores 100 characters for two and a half minutes, and 200 - in three, while making a maximum of two or three mistakes. He plays the numbers in any order and describe the appearance of people who have offered these numbers.
Especially useful memory for phone numbers. Chinese Gu Yanlin in his 26 years, remembers 15 thousand telephone numbers Harbin. Paula Prentiss, help desk operator in Tasmania, remembers 128603 phone number of their names, addresses, names of institutions. Not bad for a girl failed on a school exam in mathematics! She calls the local rescue service when you need urgent information. However, your phone number does not remember Paula, she wrote it on a piece of paper and constantly carries in her purse.

Samvel Gharibyan accurately reproduces the 1000 dictated his words randomly selected from ten languages, including such as Farsi, Pashto, Bengali and Khmer.

American Barbara Moore performed the piano from memory 1852 songs. "Concert" it lasted from 25 October to 13 November 1988!

24 June 1996 in the premises of the Museum of Guinness World Records in Canada American Dave Farrow remembered a random sequence of 52 shuffled decks of cards together. He gave them only one quick look and memorize the cards just six errors.

The cashier of the Polish football club "Gornik" Leopold Held remembered not only all the results, all the details of the club's games, but also the total amount of income from each of these matches for all 12 years of its operation.

Casinos around the world writing banned Englishman Dominic O'Brien to visit them: he, remembering what cards remain in the deck, dramatically increases the rate and break the bank, as it has developed a unique memory. In addition, Dominique hour stores up to 300 foreign words, and 2-3 days reading the new language. World Championship memory 1994 included competitions in memorizing foreign words, and Dominic won: fifteen minutes -152 words in Chinese. The most successful portrait of President Lincoln drew his admirers, an artist from New Jersey, he saw the president once in a lifetime. Upon learning of the murder of Lincoln, he was gripped by grief and found comfort by drawing a portrait from memory.


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