Once there was a demand for it

In the history of mankind, there are many professions that even the nebrezglivogo forced to wince in disgust. They assumed long hours, often humiliating labor and have been associated with serious risk to life and health.

Nevertheless, even the most disgusting profession had its pluses and thus attracted people the right stock. Among these were the following professions:

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10. A servant at the toilet.

Servant in the closet called the servant who was responsible for the cleanness of the seat of His Majesty the king Henry VIII, after the governor emptied his bowels to the royal pot. Among other responsibilities, such servants were the release of the pot and the cleansing of the royal rear seat with a sponge, impaled on a stick. It was a job in which you had to get its hands dirty in the worst sense.

And despite the fact that the sole concern of the servants had to tinker with the faeces of a man who was so fat that his body burst after death, this post was considered a "lure". According to the book, devoted to the topic, this position was considered more important than just the position of chamberlain, as soon as the situation allowed to be near the King most time.

It must be admitted that there is a certain sense. Cleaning the fat rear seat - a small price to pay for keeping the most powerful man in the state in the literal sense of the eggs three times a day.

9. whipping boy

When we talk about the profession whipping boy, we mean it is a whipping boy. In this post I took a little boy who was subjected to punishment instead of another rich boy (often a prince). In other words, the whipping boy received a belt whenever Rich asshole mischief.

As awful as it sounds, but most of the boys would give anything for this work, because the whipping boy received education with the offspring of the rich and enjoyed many of his privileges and benefits. For example, a small named William Murray whole childhood was a boy to fight with the young Charles the First. When both increased and Charles became king, he gave the boy to beat former title of Count. Today, many would agree on a spanking, if in the long term it guarantee the receipt of a nice castle.

8. Jester

Jesters were the walking object of ridicule in medieval England - they were forced to wear humiliating costume and dance for the amusement of others. If the dinner ladies and gentlemen wanted to run in your fruit, you had to take it with a smile and waved. Jesters had to stay around the clock ready to appear at the first request and is responsible for ensuring that the King and Queen were always in a good mood. It was a very thankless job, assuming constant blatant humiliation.

However, such ill-treatment paid off substantial bonuses. Let's start with the fact that clowns have full freedom of speech, so can say whatever vzbredet their minds without fear of consequences. Jester could openly insult the people who do not like him, you can even hook the king and be sure that you do for this will not be. Jesters trust the bad news, because they could do so without risking her head.

Moreover, since the clowns spent a lot of time in the company of the king and the court, they were often able to work their way up the social ladder. Sometimes they have gained such influence, that they even consulted before the battles.

7. Porter sandals

Portering sandals may seem boring, but it is very difficult pereuvelichit all this boring work. This position was held by people who waited on Pharaoh in ancient Egypt - all day long, and they are only doing so to wear sandals everywhere Pharaoh in case they need it. Porters sandals had to be ready to appear on the first call and humbly briskly everywhere follow the pharaoh in the hot Egyptian sun.

Despite the fact that this work could handle and specially coached monkey, this profession universally revered. All for the same reason that people dreamed to while away the days close to the royal ass - because proximity to Pharaoh's worth a whole day to carry wooden sandals under the Egyptian sun.

6. Herald

The Proclaimers - it's the guys you meet in movies about the old times, both in the episode "Simpson" where the guy from the Assassin's Creed 3 is in the central square and tells everyone that taxes are about to raise. In the absence of bad news, which should have been trumpeted to the whole neighborhood, still heralds aroused all ringing a giant bell, which, we believe, ever necessarily ended with blows from disgruntled citizen. They had to get up before dawn and worked all year without a single day off.

Nevertheless, the voice of the king's criers were considered, therefore attack the herald would be akin to an attack on the king himself. That is why the heralds enjoyed a certain kind of immunity. In other words, the position of crier gave the right to wear a nice hat and yelling at people, without worrying about what they will put you a black eye.

5. Bestiary

Bestiary in ancient Rome were a group of people who were forced to fight to the death with wild animals. Very often bestiary died from the claws of animals, but to top it off they were considered entertainment of the lowest order.

What you need to be a psychopath to voluntarily sign up to the death in the jaws of a lion? A psychopath who pay with a capital "P". As noted here, free men voluntarily sell themselves into slavery in order to try to visit a skin bestiary. It was believed that the fight with the animals much easier than with the people, because the animals are usually no giant swords and post bestiary, moreover, guaranteed shelter, food and fame.

4. The Pied Piper

If we talk about jobs that involve contact with terrible diseases, the piper will still be higher than the guard * specify the name of the celebrity you hate *. Piper unpresentable work was not only to its unscrupulous nature, but also in the constant risk of being bitten by exposure to infectious rats. The work, moreover, assumed constant presence of foot-in filth because habitual dwelling rats - sewage.

What are the hidden benefits of this activity may have to uravnovestit those pesky risks? With a certain degree of ingenuity, Pied Piper could earn unlimited amounts of money, growing rats to participate in the rat fights, similar to the low-budget cockfighting. More advanced breeding Pied Piper "elite" of rats, they were caught and sold as pets rich. If you have enough brains, being the Pied Piper, you could make a fortune without even touching a filthy street rat.

3. Squire

If you've ever watched "Game of Thrones", then you have an idea of ​​what the squire - namely, doing all that he would order his knight. The duties of the squire included to fulfill every whim Knight, including ensuring their safety during sleep and the content of his armor and weapons polished and in working condition.

Squire united by a butler and security guard working for two and virtually nothing for it did not earn. He had to know the code of honor knight, that is, among other things, he had to learn and be tested. We have already said that the squires took 13 years?

The reason why the squire willingly agree to be running for Knight, was the fact that having served long enough, they could also become knights.

2. Drummers

Drummers were an important part of military activities until the second half of the 19th century. Their main responsibility is to stand in the middle of the battlefield, and beat the drums until around trying to shoot them or poke them with a knife. Drums helped the soldiers to maintain the rhythm, sometimes complicated handed military orders. This profession is one of the most dangerous in history, because the boys are performing the functions of drummers are often subjected to serious risk of being maimed or killed. As drummers helped to coordinate the actions of the soldiers, they became the main target of the battlefield.

Whatever it was, but when the drummers did not need to be on the battlefield, the duties they have almost was not, and they enjoyed special privileges and benefits, in recognition of the risks to which they themselves are subjected. Because of this the boys, boys and men left their homes and families to participate in the performance of drummers.

1. Dabbavala

Imagine a job where you need every day to deliver food to hundreds of people. Now imagine that while you can not be late, make a single mistake and take a holiday, even if the rainy season came. Thus a brief description of the profession dabbavaly, the Indian carrier, which paid about three dollars a day to deliver food office employees.

Despite the low wages and difficult working conditions, people are lining up to get the opportunity to become dabbavaloy because the service is known around the world. Performance dabbaval shakes, according to reports, they make only one mistake on the six million deliveries, representing 99% of success 9999999. Thanks to the impressive statistics dabbavaly are highly respected in the business environment. Often, members of the profession are invited to give lectures on business management.

It tells the incredible story that Prince Charles once asked for a meeting with the team dabbaval to praise them for their incredible professionalism. They agreed on the condition that it is adjusted to their schedule, and he willingly accepted this condition. We believe that work is dabbavaloy even then, to be able to tell people that once you made the Prince waiting for you on the platform.


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