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These two trends will never unite because they have different densities. Locals call it the edge of the world. The northernmost point of Denmark, the place where the two seas - the North and Baltic.

2) If the Google Image Search to dial "241 543 903", you will see pictures of people zasunuvshih heads in freezers.

3) John Rockefeller wanted to earn $ 100 thousand. And live to be 100 years old. A earned $ 192 billion. And died in 97. Not all dreams come true.

4) People playing volleyball, instead of the grid - the border between the US and Mexico. 1979

5) In China, in some sections of society have an interesting hobby - painting their pets, dogs pandas and tigers.

6) The bathroom in the house of the artist illusionist.

7) Creative advertising.


8) Export the name of the car Lada Kalina for Finland - Lada 119, as in Finnish means Kalina crackling roar, rattling and banging.

9) This lake is the result of a number of vital activity of microorganisms was light blue light, like a big neon lamp. Incomparable beauty of the spectacle and the extremely rare natural anomaly ... Last time it was recorded 120 years ago.

10) Cat on Cat

11) In Italy, near the border with Slovenia, is an amazing city - Palmanova, which is absolutely correct in terms of a nine star.

12) In Sweden, dog owners pay tax on the growth of dogs and Norway - according to their length.

13) The world's only floating temple - ship
"Prince Vladimir».


14) Public transport in Cuba. At this transport people move every day. Looking at it, you realize that our urban transport - is not the worst thing that can be.



That's it, throw your (last four pictures, too, Cuba)


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