6, the most famous adaptations of Ray Bradbury

Today would have been '93 legendary American classic Ray Bradbury's science fiction. World famous writer who many have called the master of science fiction, brought translated into many languages ​​such fantastic works like Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, looming trouble, and many others. Bradbury was known as one of the most respected and influential writers of our time, as well as the most outstanding of living science fiction. The very same writer liked to call himself a storyteller who tells fantastic stories or more parables. Bradbury continued to write until his last days, despite several heart attacks, almost deprived the opportunity of its move normally, loss of vision in one eye and almost total paralysis of his right hand. But unfortunately, in spite of the rich literary and more than exciting stuff, adaptations of the great science fiction just a little. We have chosen the best known of them.

1. 451 degrees Fahrenheit, 1966.

Tagline: What if you have no right to read?

This film adaptation of the cult novel of dystopia of Bradbury was the first color film of the famous French director Francois Truffaut and his only painting in English. Here the role of Guy Montag played Oskar Werner, and the role of Clarissa - Julie Christie. She also played the wife of Montag. In the plot of the film has a few differences from the original book. Since this screen version came out 13 years after the release of the book, Truffaut down most domestic details described Bradbury. In addition, the director decided to change the ending more: Clarissa in the film does not die, and leaves town with Montag. And the role of the old man Faber is not significant: it only briefly appears in one scene. But Truffaut made a very symbolic moment in a film about the world of the future in which firemen burn books and their readers are arrested, nothing can be read: the picture caption says the voice-over, and newspapers in the hands of the characters consist only of photos.

Truffaut in his film chase scene and made a short war, but focused on the process of burning books. Bradbury himself praised the acting and filming. The truth is only said that Clarissa by Julie Christie does not look quite the way he described it in his book: Clarissa must be seventeen years old and she has to look naive and Julie Christie clearly seventeen and she was not naive.

2. The Martian Chronicles (TV series, 1980).

Directed by Michael Anderson in 1980, he took the show by the same name famous novel by Ray Bradbury. Above script works in conjunction with the writer Richard Matheson. A major role of the Chronicles of the three series played Rock Hudson. But, alas, this adaptation of one of the best science fiction novels about the conquest of Mars, in the end, was not approved by the author. Science fiction TV series called: A very boring.

3. looming disaster (1983).

Within three years, Disney made a film "looming disaster" is also based on the novel of Bradbury. Above the picture of the scenario boys Will and Jim, who are faced with terrible forces in the face of Mister Darkness again worked himself a writer with director Jack Clayton. However, the final version of the film suddenly have new scenes that he did not approve of fiction. And by the way, the most attentive viewers will be able to evaluate them: these new scenes were filmed a year after the original, and thus the main characters in them look like the grown considerably. A total of Bradbury said about the film: not a great film, but quite nice. Although some fans of his work consider this a very successful adaptation.

4. The Ray Bradbury Theater (TV series, 1985 - 1992).

This is a television series, consisting of six seasons, which was shot from 1985 to 1992. Above it worked fifteen directors. They filmed 65 short stories, some of which are "Here There Be Tigers", "veld", "strange miracle," "Playground" and others. Bradbury again participated in this project: to select actors, and among other things, served as executive producer. Each new series began greeting the writer, is preceded by a story, and sometimes play different bit parts. Among the actors of "Theatre" and you can see a very familiar face: Jeff Goldblum, Drew Barrymore, and Peter O'Toole. These surveys have fallen to very successfully during the growing popularity of cable channels, and for many teens, this series has become the impetus for reading books, and not just watching TV.

5. Veld (1987).

This picture can be called one of the first Soviet horror movies. It took director Nazim Tulyakhodzhayev in 1987 at the studio Uzbekfilm. The film was based on the eponymous story Bradbury with some motifs several - "Dragon", "Pedestrian", "Corporation Puppets", as well as with the head of the "Martian" from the novel "The Martian Chronicles" and an episode of the death of Colonel Frileya from the novel "Dandelion Wine ". Here is such a "Bradbury-vinaigrette." The director tried to give as much as possible "terror and violence," the story of how parents buy children electronic game room, which turns into savannah with lions.

6. A Sound of Thunder (2005).

Tagline: Some rules should never be violated.

Fantastic film in 2005, directed by Peter Hyams Bradbury short story. Out picture, first planned in 2002, but due to the floods in Prague, where the film was shot, was postponed for three years. The director said that a child loves the creativity of the legendary science fiction and is very kind to the book text. Therefore, working on the script, Hayams always consulted Bradbury about a particular scene. It does not leave indifferent the way I did and then asked: "Well, how do you? Well, how do you? "... And I did not do anything he did not like. At the time, Bradbury has disappointed many of his books delivered. But I do not want to get into this number - I want to put another beginning, the film, which itself Bradbury love. And the film, in general, came out good, but the excitement of the audience did not cause, and the box office is poor.


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