Interesting facts about the Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 - the famous science fiction novel, dystopia legendary Ray Bradbury, which was published in 1951. The novel describes a society that is based on the popular culture and consumer thinking, in which all of the books, forcing to think about life, to be burned, and the people who can think critically, are outlawed. I suggest you learn some interesting facts about your favorite product. This intelligent bestseller credited the whole world, thanks to him saw the light of many other works of art.
1. The novel was called "451 degrees Fahrenheit" because a lot of attention paid to it in the burning of books, and the ignition temperature of paper is 450 degrees. As acknowledged by the author of a small mistake was made due to the fact that the fire, which Bradbury consulted before writing the bestseller simply confused the temperature scale.
2. The book was filmed in 1966 under the same name. Also, based on the novel was made into a movie-dystopia "Equilibrium" in 2002. In addition, the Russian rock group "Aria", inspired by the novel, created the song "Symphony of Fire", which contains many references to the novel.
3. In the concentration camps, the Soviet existed the so-called people-books - prisoners who memorized objectionable government books and pass the descendants of their contents. Some researchers believe that the writer used this fact when writing his work. Some mass publications in the USSR negatively responded about Bradbury's novel, but to open it did not result in a ban.

4. When in 1967 began the publication of the novel American publishing Ballfntine Books, the book began to appear in some truncated version that was intended for high school. From it were changed to 75 phrases, do not pass censorship. Soon after the release of "adult", that is not a cut-down version of all stopped. Ray Bradbury himself about these machinations did not know, and when he was about all we know, he demanded to ban the publication of a shortened version. Publisher was forced to agree.
5. Many of the items described in the novel, and later appeared in real life. So, it was described radio "Shell", which is an analogue of modern portable radios. In addition, more than once referred to all kinds of "TV wall", tiny portable screens, color television, and even pictures with 3D - effect.
6. The novel, which brought the writer status and popularity, was printed on a typewriter, rented in a public library.
7. For the first time, "Fahrenheit 451" was published in the magazine "Playboy" in 1953. Also in the novel, you can find a variety of quotes, which are still used by people all over the world. These quotations contain as much sense and wisdom that not every book can be compared with them. Ray Bradbury novel read, re-read and discuss. This means that people are able to think and maybe show them the dark future may never come.

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