Ray Bradbury — thoughts on our society

"451 degrees Fahrenheit" (eng. Fahrenheit 451) is a science fiction dystopian novel

Ray Bradbury, published in 1953

The world is on the brink of war. War intellectual, moral and emotional. People are divided into classes, communities, strata and groups. There is no unity of choice and freedom struggle. On the one hand it is good that everyone has a right to exercise your choice, to voice your decision out loud, but some of the findings lead to wars and deaths, because not all decisions can be heard and understood with an open heart. Quarrels, misunderstanding and disagreements kill the spirit of unity. No one is saying that there is no perfect formula for happiness, that there is one true way to success, to an ideal civilization. But I want to live in peace. In a world not only without explosions and fear from the howling bullets, and in a world where there is choice, where there is no moral principles and eternal imposition of the "only true way".

People don't want to hear each other. Society used to look down and see only what is "waste" for their worldview. We forgot about love, self-expression, creativity, and opinions of others. You can live in your world without killing the other world. His world and its boundaries must establish a comfort zone, without destroying the boundaries of others.

Ray Bradbury was not afraid to look at society "under the microscope". He sought to change the views of those who were ready for it. No compulsions and morals, only an open view of the future development of society.

So, what conclusions can we make after reading the book by ray Bradbury "451 degrees Fahrenheit"?

1. Society goes the way of self-destruction — People aren't saying anything.
— Well, how can that be?!
Yes. Yes. About anything. They name a lot: brands of cars or clothes or swimming pools mostly and say How swell!. They all keep saying the same thing. As ratchet. While the café include a program with anecdotes and listening to all the same old jokes, or include the music system, considering how it ran color patterns, but all of this is completely pointless, so the play of colors".

Oh, the terrible tyranny of the majority.

You can't trust people, that's the horror.

Man abhors that goes beyond the ordinary".

Look, we need three things. The first is the quality of our knowledge. Number two: leisure to think, to assimilate this knowledge. And the third is just to act based on what we learn from interaction of the first two".

People have no time for each other.

Who does not produce must destroy. It is as old as the world. The psychology of juvenile delinquents.

2. The man in the hands of power and strength, he's just afraid to take risks. People are afraid to live as he wants And dwarf perched on the shoulders of the giant sees further than his.

How many times a person can die but still be alive.

The man has a remarkable property: if we have to start all over again, he does not despair and does not lose courage, because he knows that it is very important that it is worth the effort.

3. The inner world of each is the wealth of the Universe. Every life is unique and important: I never want to sneak backstage to unravel the secret of the magician. For me it was enough that the illusion exists.

That night, when he died, the world was bankrupted of ten million fine actions.

We're having so much fun that I forgot to think about the rest of the world. Not because we are so rich that the rest of the world poor, and we don't care about this?

You know, in the position of dying has its advantages. When you have nothing to lose – not afraid of risk.

Don't try to judge books by the cover.

Don't ask for guarantees. And do not expect salvation from something one: of man, machine, or library. Build something that can save the world, and if you drown on the way, so at least die knowing you were headed for shore.

Wider open your eyes, live as avidly as if ten seconds will die. Try to see the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made in the factory and paid the money. Don't ask for guarantees, not look for peace – such a beast doesn't exist.

4. Happiness is inside each of us to Leave you alone? Well. But how can I leave myself alone?

If I had the soul to take to the cleaners that it was disassembled, turned out his pockets, been stripped, smoothed, and in the morning brought back... If you can!

I need to talk, and listen to me no one. I can't talk to the walls because they yell at me. I can't talk to my wife; she listens to the walls.

We have everything to be happy, but we are unhappy.

The degradation of the soul, fear of the new, laziness, and the reluctance of people to seek life in life, the knowledge in knowledge and art in the art of changing views of the world, kill the power to create and force to go after those who do not is an example and an ideal for which I would like to follow. In life there are many barriers, but won't create them out of boredom. Live today. Believe in yourself and do not look for defects in others. You can help people who have lost their way, giving them a helping hand.

Marina Poznyakova


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