10 books, after which you'll never be the same. They will change your mind!

Books have the magical power to influence our lives. 10 books that .cc has prepared for you today, are able to change your mind and turn your idea of ​​a society and the person in it. This is a real literary masterpieces, famous throughout the world. These books have a special meaning, but whether to take it, everyone decides for himself.

«To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee

The book is about a little girl growing up, her adventures, relationships with peers. The book revealed the problems of education of children, racism, education, and society as a whole. The book, which takes you away in childhood.

«Cat's Cradle," Kurt Vonnegut

This book teaches responsibility for their thoughts, discoveries and activities. She will tell you a fantastic, but at the same time frighteningly believable story about a dangerous invention, bring the world to the brink of disaster.

«Lord of the Flies" by William Golding

Island. Blue Lagoon. Children. Paradise?

Uninhabited island. Vast Ocean disjoint. The boys without adult supervision. Divided society by the example of a small child's community. Revolution. Bloodshed. Death.

«Farewell to Arms" by Ernest Hemingway

This is the first book of the "lost generation" of English literature of the First World, where young and naive guys become "cannon fodder" and either died or became hardened to the limit. On War, where love has no past, no future. On War, which want to forget, but we can not remember!

«100 Years of Solitude", Gabriel Garcia Marquez

This fascinating story of four generations of the Buendia family called the book of life, and an encyclopedia of human love. Gabriel García Márquez has done the impossible: to fit in a small book wisdom and the pain of all humanity.

«Martin Eden," Jack London

A book about dreams and success. Simple sailor, which is easy to recognize the author, is a long, full of hardship the way to literary immortality ... But dreams are unpredictable and insidious: it is not known when they will come true, and whether it will bring long-awaited joy ...

«Fahrenheit 451," Ray Bradbury

Firefighters who kindle fires, books that are forbidden to read, and people who had almost ceased to be people ... Ray Bradbury's novel "451 ° F" - a classic of science fiction.

«Fight Club," Chuck Palahniuk

This - the most amazing and the most scandalous book of the 1990s. The book, in which the mouth of Chuck Palahniuk began to speak not just a "generation X", but - "Generation X" already embittered, already taken aback his last illusion.

«Teachings of Don Juan," Carlos Castaneda

Deeply convinced of the teacher Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan Matus, a magician and a warrior people who lived in the New World ten thousand years ago, so deeply studied the problems of the universe and the perception that the modern man can not even imagine their partially true power.

«Chapaev and emptiness," Victor Pelevin

This is the first product in the world literature, which takes place in an absolute vacuum. In fact, it is happening in 1919 in the division Chapaev, in which the protagonist, the poet-decadent Peter Void serves as commissioner, as well as in our days, and, as often happens Pelevin, in the virtual space ...

After reading these books, you'll never be the same. He is able to change your outlook and outlook on life, education, power, society and man in it.

Tell your friends about these books, surely they too love to read!

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