Art for Dummies. This guide will teach you to recognize the pattern of all the great artists!

If you're not versed in the art, these brief, but at the same time very precise explanation will help you become an expert in painting. Many who might consider summarizing these explanations rude and even insensitive, but they reveal the essence of each artist, really helping to understand, and even more important to remember the nature of the pictures, which were painted by great artists.

If all the people depicted in the paintings of great ass - is Rubens.

If all men more like women with curly cow's eyes - it Caravaggio.

If the picture is missing some part of the body or have a few extra - a Picasso.

If people look as if they are being tortured - a Titian.

If you see a lot of people, but they look okay - it Bruegel.

If everything, including women, look like Putin - this is Jan van Eyck.

If the picture you can see a lot of people, but it looks like madness - it's Bosch.

If all are like tramps, street lamp lit only - it is Rembrandt.

If the picture has Cupids (or they perfectly fit there) - it is Bush.

If all the beautiful, naked and well-built - it is Michelangelo.

If you see the dancers - a Degas.

If everything is very sharp and contrast and each has a gaunt, bearded face - is El Greco.

If you see a woman with one eyebrow - a Frida Kahlo.

A riot of color, but no people - Claude Monet.

Again, a riot of colors, but with a lot of happy people - Renoir.

A riot of color and poor people - Manet.

If you see the scenery of the Lord of the Rings, and a woman with curly hair - a Da Vinci.

To all should be treated with humor and art is no exception. Knowing these simple secrets, you'll be able to show off his knowledge of the great artists in front of their friends!

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