This guy is a long time collecting coins. That he from it eventually did - just awesome!

Some people put a lot of effort and money into their own small projects and hobbies. Financial investments, whether they are big or small, is an important step in the implementation of goals and ideas. While some projects require investments of money, some of them made themselves. As an example, this table is made out of coins.

Its creator, first colored lacquer old countertop.

The next step was the coin. Many coins.

He was even able to create a drawing, a new alternating with old coins.

This is already beginning to take shape pattern.

The process seems to be slow and tedious, but the result is worth it.

After this guy put all the coins, he covered them with varnish.

The table went surprisingly beautiful.

All the efforts of this guy's definitely worth the result that we can see. He created a masterpiece out of an old table and a heap of coins. Jack of all trades!

Share this idea with my friends, can someone wants to do the same!

via takprosto cc


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