451 on the Internet: in the HTTP, a new status for the authorities blocked websites

Internet Engineering Task Force (Internet Engineering Task Force, IETF) одобрил new code status HTTP: & quot; 451 Unavailable for Legal Reasons & quot ;. It will be issued in response to requests to websites blocked at the request of the authorities relating to political issues, copyright infringement, etc. Code got his number in honor of the famous science fiction works of Ray Bradbury "Fahrenheit 451».

The practice of blocking websites in connection with violations of copyright in recent years is widely used in many countries. Public services require providers to restrict access to sites that are in "black lists". A method of limiting the discretion given to providers.

Naturally, each provider fulfills these requirements on their own, in connection with what has matured and a new standard. Providers are not required to obey the decisions of IETF, but the use of standards usually is good for the system.

There is a project 451unavailable.org , which aims to promote the use of new HTTP-status. Its founders recommend to spread public access to judicial decisions that caused the lock to make the public better informed about what is happening, not just received a message incomprehensible lack of access "403 forbidden».

As it says on their website, "to really correct the error message 451 should inform the user how to deal with blocking, how much it will take, where to find the relevant documents to it and which it initiated the service».

Enter the new status of the предложил 2012 programmer on Google, Tim Bray. He participated in the development and XML development environment for Android. It endorsed the emergence of a new status in the standard, but expressed concern that some services may not only want to block the site, but also to conceal the very reason for blocking.

Recent history of 451, nicely done by mnot : https://t.co/jeVvpcX8g6
Back-story: https://t.co/KvpUViK9Ah Thanks to all who helped! - Tim Bray (timbray) 18 December 2015 blockquote>
 "Fahrenheit 451" 451) - sci-fi dystopia novel by Ray Bradbury, published in 1953. In it describes a society that is based on the popular culture and consumer thinking. In this book, forcing to think about life, to be burned; storage of books is a crime; and people who can think critically, are outlawed.

In fact the paper is ignited at a temperature of about 450 ° C - author, consult an expert during the writing of the novel, mixed temperature scales.

Internet Engineering Task Force - an open international community of designers, researchers, network operators and service providers, IAB established in 1986 and engaged in the development of protocols and Internet architecture.

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