Little-known facts about famous books

This evening, I suggest to do self-development and to learn a truly exciting and interesting facts about all your favorite books.

And why is not told in school?

1. "The Master and Margarita»


In the very first edition of the novel contained (now practically lost) a complete and detailed description of the Voland 15 handwritten pages.

In one of the editions of the novel he was called "Satan».


According to Bulgakov's widow, the last words of the writer of the novel "The Master and Margarita" were: "To know ... To know».

2. "Ten Little Indians»

Agatha Christie

Once publishers have mocked the name of this product! It is the best, according to the most Agatha Christie book, very unlucky with the title. Not only where the book is issued under his real name, often politically incorrect Little Indians replaced by the phrase, "And Then There Were None" - in the last phrase of the famous believes based:

"Last negro looked tired,
He went to hang himself, and no one was ».
They began the tradition of mockery over the course of the novel called the Americans, who could by no means agree with negrityatami. They even thought about the title "Ten African-American," but it somehow did not sound hard. As a result, Little Indians on all the pages of the book have become massively replaced by Indians. And in some countries in the legendary Counting died and little soldiers, and even, for some reason, sailors.

3. "The Picture of Dorian Gray»

Oscar Wilde

The legendary novel adapted for the screen as a whole about 25 times, and was written in just 3 weeks.

4. "Fahrenheit 451»

Ray Bradbury

In this book, the writer predicted the emergence of many things: for example, video communications and miniature headphones. Outside it was the year 1950, and Ray Bradbury had already "invented" and described the format of the most famous popular headphones "drops»:

In her ears tightly inserted miniature "Shells", tiny, thimble, radio-sleeve, and an electronic ocean of sound - music and voices, music and voice - waves washes the shores of her waking brain.

People are "living books", which described the Bradbury really existed, and in the Soviet Union. In times of severe restrictions on some books inmates in prisons memorized certain works "the wrong direction" (Bible verses) and orally passed each other.


Originally published in the pages of well-known parts of the magazine «Playboy».

5. "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone»

J. K. Rowling

The world-famous book was written in 1992, but was published only three years later. Why is that? Because no one wanted to take the publishing house for the publication of such a dubious work and no one believed in its success. And when the book finally came out on her ads were not spent a penny. Publishers were piously assured that the book will be very few people noticed. So you can imagine what kind of a surprise for Rowling and publishers has become a huge success series.


Sometimes, in the title of the first book, "Sorcerer's Stone" a change in the "magic" that would not embarrass the minds of uneducated readers.


In fact, to write the initials of the name Rowling insisted it was the publisher, to a woman's name did not deter readers boys.


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