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Pupils end vacation in office workaholic - summer vacation, which means that a serial offseason also coming to an end. Serialistam coming fall will bring not only the continuation of favorite TV shows, but also new reasons to cling to screen TVs and monitors once a week. Take a look at the most interesting serial premiere season 2013-14.

Crazy (The Crazy Ones)
Genre: Comedy
On the screen: Sarah Michelle Gellar in tandem with Robin Williams playing father and daughter, who are working together in an advertising company.
In fact: For Gellar "Crazy" - not the first attempt to win a televised broadcast from the time of the victorious "Buffy": a year ago drama series "The Double" with the actress starring closed, it will not last even for a second season. Here we are seeing the same comedy and charismatic as a young man, Williams. Relationship generations, a common cause, and plenty of funny situations - all this promise creators, and what are the chances of success of the project? - It is necessary to wait for the pilot episode, and draw your own conclusions.

SHIELD (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Genre: Action / Drama / Fantasy
On the screen: Probably about the activities of all existing US spets.sluzhb series already created, so it was the turn invented. SHIELD and its agents do not appear in the first year of the movies universe Marvel, and now they took enough screen time to deal with criminals without superheroes and the Nordic gods.
In fact: At the helm of "agents of SHIELD" stands none other than Joss Whedon, producer of "The Avengers" and directed by the same "Buffy" and he knows how to make a commercially successful product, so the potential of the new series is very large.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland)

Genre: Fantasy
On the screen: The modern interpretation of the history of Lewis Carroll. Alice, once visited mysterious Wonderland, in the real world seems crazy, because the stories of tracks who smoke hookah and evil queens ducats not seem plausible. And the girl herself would gladly forget the past, where she had to experience a severe loss, but then fate intervenes.
In fact:
"Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" - a spin-off series "Once Upon a Time» (Once upon a time). To everyone's surprise, two years ago, the latter has become surprisingly popular, proving that adults still want to believe in miracles and the triumph of good. The world beyond the rabbit hole, where the action takes place also in "Once" was so fascinating that the producers decided to create a separate show.

The oldest (The Originals)

Genre: Fantasy
In fact: Another spin-off, an offshoot of fairly well-known "The Vampire Diaries" is intended to unite the fans first and attract a new audience in the face of those vampire story seemed too "girly».
On the screen: Family immortal vampire firstborn (ancient) returns to the once abandoned their New Orleans. The protagonist, Klaus, longs again become the unofficial ruler of the city, and it will have to wrest power from his successor.

Believe (Believe)

Genre: Drama / Fantasy
On the screen: The fates decreed ex-prisoner becomes a security guard for a little girl, which hunted. The reason for this - a little supernatural powers Bo. They can not stay in one city, because those who want to take over by the girls, do not stop until they get what they want.

In fact: This story is producing JJ Abrams, who oversaw the cult TV series "Lost» (Lost), so the hope of exciting action on the screen and twisted story of the audience is. The main role of trust is not yet-familiar in Hollywood Jake McLaughlin and young Johnny Sequoia. Will the creators to make the project so famous as Lost, only time will tell.


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