Wife Robin Williams made a touching and unexpected announcement of the illness of her husband after his death.

The world has still can not recover from the unexpected news of the death of legendary actor Robin Williams. Most connoisseurs of famous comedian disturbs the cause of his early death. In an interview after her husband's death his wife Susan Schneider said that the well-liked actor in recent years suffered from an early stage of Parkinson's disease:

«Robin spent almost his entire life helping others. He entertained millions on stage, in film and television, support our troops on the front during the war, helped and comforted the sick children. Robin wanted us all to laugh more and less fear. I>

With his passing, our family has found solace in the huge stream of love those whose lives one way or another touched Robin. His greatest legacy in this world, of course, not counting his own three children - it is joy and happiness it brings to others, especially to those who he helped in the battle with their own fears, anxieties, challenges. I>

Robin was brave in the battle with their own depression, anxiety and Parkinson's disease, which he was not ready to talk publicly. He bravely tried to fight to the last. I>

We hope that under the influence of the tragic death of Robin, his fans will find the strength to overcome their own fears and anxieties they face ». i>

We recall that Williams was found dead at his home in Tiburon, California, August 11. And according to the preliminary results of the forensic examination, the cause of his death was asphyxia (suffocation) by hanging.

On the day of the death of the actor his family received millions of words of regret and support from the fans, colleagues, friends, acquaintances. Together they recalled Robin Williams as a man with a unique talent and great strength of mind that saved the lives of many.

The whole team also moved by the death of the great actor and expresses sincere condolences to his family and his fans, whom he in a short time spent in the world became really close. Share this touching tribute to his wife's friends.



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