Kalyazinsky boots, as a means of livelihood

Boots (valenuhi, valezhki, valeny, Valenza, rods) - warm felt boots matted fleece; often made solid, but there are also soft, under the other's shoes. (WiKi) Boots has become widespread only in the first half of the XIX century, when they began to produce industrial way. Before that, they were quite expensive and could not afford a fairly well-off people. Now a pair of white boots wool Mongolian sheep standing in the store city Kaliazin 1000 rubles. It was there to be one of the fulling mills. Production technology have not changed in the 20th century in any way. The most modern equipment - the middle of the 20th century. Grow old coal-fired boiler plant and the average salary in 5000 rubles a month - today's realities factory.


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