Fairy tale

As a thrifty man, with more gates I sent home two pairs of lower flannel underwear.
 And then I went to work for the party, pomburom, and gave one set of his mentor Alexander Arkadevichu Durnev. The machine we had a new, Arkadich driller is excellent, and I am a young and efficient.
 His house, we dragged along. Beams on a sled. And so it went. In the morning I get up, and it utaschim tank with solarium forward on the profile of 10 kilometers, and then come back and let's drill planet every 100 meters
 One hundred holes do, you see, that's already quite an evening. Although the day was not. Because the polar night.
 In general, at 6 am I, our tractor TT-4 burstankom factory, and at 20:00 drowned. 14 hours as a bush, not that the current tribe, led by the mouse on the mat but to stare at the monitor.

Heat the flask of water with a blowtorch, snow water, otmoemsya, all on a human. Venison mixed with lard fry when laziness, corned beef with potatoes.
 Stove on diesel production Abkhaz "Apsny" hisses softly warm and cozy. The nearest person 50 kilometers of taiga. A settlement to all 300-400, to Izhmy.
 Dressed in underwear, devoured, lay up funnels. Durnev book reads Chase glasses. I toil. The transistor does not catch, throw the wire on a tree sloth. I decided to make a device to extract the fish. According to the outline river tomorrow to be. While we wait for the bulldozer can ёbnut 400 grams of TNT in the hole, only for his own use.
 Crumble the bomb, filled jar of coffee from under the "Pele". In the cover hole to the detonator. He sealed with putty. Here Arkadich and says they say, Mitya, I will tell you a story.
 Ilya Muromets lay on the stove Trident years and three years. And then fuck carbon monoxide poisoning, because the chimney is cleaned with a pipe. And they say pussy Mitya on the roof, do a good deed. Soot Shuranov, smokes our miracle-Abkhazian heating device.
 That's nothing unusual, he jumped into the boots right in flannel underwear, frost is not present almost 20 degrees, do not frost? Snow-blind on the diameter of the pipe, removed the hose from the fuel tank puskacha faucet and soaked it with gasoline through the snow. On the porch of my pieces of TNT. Here I made a mistake and. Push a piece of explosives in the snow and on the stairs to the roof. A piece of, well, no more than a walnut.
 On the roof painted minomёtchika. Snow in the pipe, and on his heels, head down.
 Sergei Korolev, dear me, in general, people. But, forced to admit he let the chord saliva on his cuffs. Comrades. How it pizdanulo! It pizdanulo so that I had had, without fail would be crap. I jumped down from the roof, just straightening your knees. Boots left on the roof. As bitch squirrel flying squirrel, blue lightning flashed. The night sky was flying trajectory of uncontrolled pipe.
 But I was less rapid than Alexander Abramovich. Just landed, hitting ass on the surface of the Komi Autonomous Republic, look, bad because of the angle looks, glasses hanging on one ear, a cigarette in his mouth and in the hands of book burning. He lit a cigarette by James Hadley Chase, and threw it into a snowdrift.
 - Hul stand, a tractor factory, I is a container of fuel try to unhook. Bullock notably our burned. Already buzzing everything inside. The only thing I crawled onto the roof and jumped back into the boots. Diesel was still warm, rattled with polpinka. I knocked finger sledgehammer and drove breaking taiga circling our houses burning around to save diesel. So we were unable to capacity and pull.
 Backed ass, standing, watching. And it burned, burned, and how much more vebet with a ball of fire. This is my fishing device went off. Durnev shook his head. When the tank is too fly and not have to wait. Come light of a single lamp in the direction of civilization. 50 km, it is 5:00 path.
 We go in two podzakopchenyh pants. Glasses a two out of four, and those on the sides. Apart Durnevskih points.
 - You know what Mitya? Well, fuck you, you more tales to tell. Not already a little. And further. I finally understood why these breeches the lower hole. Member through it still can not get, and hands warm at the time.
 And it's true, I thought, thrust both hands in warm promezhdunozhie.

P.S. The gun was especially sorry for his father's gift. And the rest almost all state-owned, have written off.



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