Bedtime stories

A tale of baby's life plays a very important role. The little baby it is advisable to read fairy tales as often as possible is very good for his mental development. Subjects may be simple and straightforward, as they can be an example to explain to the kid what is good, evil, hatred, indifference and attention. After reading the works it is necessary to discuss with your child what he liked and what moments he could understand. Ask questions which he gladly answered, and then reread those scenes that much like baby.

Children of preschool age, you can offer yourself to write the tale, and its beginnings can "borrow" from any like his works. With tales you can even adjust the child's behavior. It is possible to think of fantastic hero which their habits and behavior will be somewhat similar to your child. And the life of the character you need to try to describe so that your child is quickly found in it similarities with his life. Put a fictional character in such conditions, you have already been to your kid, and then look for a way out of difficult situation, which turned out to be a fabulous character. So you tell the child what to do in a given situation.

Important role the tale plays in the lives of young students who are already quite able to tell a story then the details retell it. And you through made-up stories will be able to understand the subconscious feelings and fears, about which he never tells.

The main thing is to listen carefully and grasp the essence. Such creativity will help you even to get to know her little pupils, as well as time to identify the things that you do not even suspect.

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