Film characters with personality disorder

Many directors in their films often refer to an interesting and rare phenomenon in which the human brain contains in itself not one but two or several different personalities. Typically, the plot of the movie is unpredictable, and the finale is able to turn "upside down" the entire storyline tape.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Character: Dr. Jekyll
Actor: Spencer Tracy

The brilliant scientist working on a medicine that can destroy all the low-lying and aggressive tendencies in man. But after testing himself, he understands that the potion has the opposite effect.


Character: Norman Bates
actor Anthony Perkins

The protagonist of the classic thriller Alfred Hitchcock maniac who suffers from a split personality. Staying near the innocuous signs with the word "motel" Vera Miles could not assume a nightmare in which she was destined to be.

Hulk, The Incredible Hulk

Character: Bruce Banner
Actor Eric Bana, Edward Norton

The character of the famous comic book series, thanks to Hollywood in 2003, migrated to the big screen. One of the key leitmotifs of the film is the theme of the struggle of the scientist and the monster of prisoners in one body.


Character: Ed
Actor: John Cusack

Great convoluted thriller about how one man can coexist several personalities. For the finale alone is worth seeing this tape.

Me, Myself & Irene

Character: Charlie Beyligeyts
actor: Jim Carrey

Charlie Beyligeyts by nature unable to fend for themselves. In difficult situations, he comes to the aid of his alter ego Hank Evans.

Secret Window

figure Morte Rainey
Actor: Johnny Depp

It is a worthy adaptation of the novel by Stephen King (a rarity), the successful writer, caught up in a difficult situation related to plagiarism.


figure Sybil Dorsett
actress: Joanne Woodward

Because childhood trauma, the mind of the protagonist split into several alternative individuals, of which over time has grown to thirteen.

Shutter Island

Character: Teddy Daniels
Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Trying not to reveal the plot of the film, except to say that an action film takes place in a psychiatric hospital, located on a remote island.

Lord of the Rings

Character: Gollum
actor Andy Sёrkis

Pitiful creature Gollum, intoxicated lust of possessing the One Ring, at times in conflict with his alter-ego, Smeagol.

Fight Club

characters: the narrator
actor: Edward Norton

The protagonist of the film suffers from chronic insomnia, and sometimes can not distinguish where the dream ends and real life begins.


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