The youngest pope in history who are still children themselves

These teenagers were forced to shoot the video and meet the burdens "of the adult world." Blame - before the birth of the child that changed their lives upside down.

Sean Stewart.

Became a father for 12 years in January 1998 for all UK thundered story 12-year-old student Sean Stewart. The teenager became famous after his 16-year-old girlfriend and part-time neighbor Emma Webster gave birth to a son.

Emma was pregnant at 15, Sean at the time was only 11 years old. As she later admitted to reporters she had no idea that her boyfriend is younger. "I thought that he was the same age as me," - said the schoolgirl. On the day of the birth of Emma's class teacher Sean gave the teenager a day off so that he could be present in the hospital and keep a soul mate. In that year, Sean Stewart became Britain's youngest father. Kid named Ben. Child young mom and dad decided to grow together - with the help and under the guidance of their parents.

However, three years later, the teenager lost interest as a girl, and the child and simply stopped to see them. And after a few years of life and at all Sean rolled down an inclined: schoolboy caught stealing and was sentenced to several months in prison. Emma also long grieved over the cracks in the relationship, and married. The journalists' questions about Sean girl is now short answer: "I do not want to think about it and talk. It may harm my child ».

Alfie Patten.

He became the father of "on time" in 13 years, 13-year-old boy with a doll face - so named in 2009, the British tabloids schoolboy Alfie Patten, after it became known that he was the father. Daughter Maisie gave birth to the boy 15-year-old girlfriend Chantelle.

"When I found out about this, I thought that I probably have problems with their parents. And I had no idea how to keep the child. His I have no money. Sometimes my father gives me 10 pounds out of pocket expenses. When my mother found out about this, I was sure that we were expecting trouble. On the one hand, we wanted this child, but at the same time afraid of the reaction of others "- shared memories of student journalists. When the baby was born, unlike the aforementioned Sean Stewart Alfie to exercise maximum responsibility and from the first days of life daughter she became diligently take care of it. Parents of teenagers, in turn, agreed to help them in everything.

"It seems that Alfie did not realize until the end of the seriousness of the situation. But, nevertheless, he tried to play the role of a good parent, "- says the student's father Dennis. However, the boy and was not to completely master the role of the pope. Within six months, the student taken aback news - baby Maisie is not his daughter. This conclusion was made on the basis of a DNA test conducted at the insistence of parents of teenagers. "On hearing this, Alfie fell into hysteria. He was very upset and cried for a long time, "the boy's mother Nicola -vspominaet. As far as this girl's father, he, according to DNA tests proved another suitor Chantal - 14-year-old Tyler Barker.

After a serious discussion with parents teenager admitted that he knew from the beginning of his involvement in the girl's pregnancy, but decided not to go out of the shadows, as frightened. "I really spent the night with this girl. And it was the worst act of my life. I'm very sorry about this. I wish I had never been seen, "- shared his opinion Tyler. The father of a teenager, in turn, added that his son will take some time to understand everything and come to life. After this turn of raising baby Maisie took the young mother Chantal and her parents, so soon become grandparents.

Mikhail Nikolaev.

He became a father for 14 years in 2011 in 14-year-old boy from the Perm region Misha Vadim Nikolayev was born the son, and he was recognized as Misha youngest father in Russia. The child's mother was the cousin of the student, 15-year-old Nastya.

Nastya has lived for several years with his cousin under one roof, the house mother aunt

After learning about the pregnancy, teens immediately told all adults. At a family council it was decided to keep the baby. However, after the birth of the baby abruptly stopped speaking students. On the assurances of the mother and stepfather girls, this situation is due to the reluctance to educate teenage Vadim. At the moment the baby is engaged Nastya with her mother and aunt. Will Misha further part in the fate of his son, for women remains a mystery.

Nastya with the child, mother and aunt

Nathan Fishburn.

He became a father at 14 years and Misha Nikolaev, the Briton Nathan Fishburn got offspring in 14 years. However, unlike the Russians showed great responsibility. In the role of the mother he made the same age as the student - April Webster. The girl gave birth to a son, Jamie.

Nathan and April after the child's birth

"The birth of this baby was not planned, but I'm glad I became a mother," - he said after the appearance of a schoolgirl Jamie. April Joy of motherhood and her parents shared. "At first we were shocked, but then accepted it. And now very glad the child "- admitted mom April.

Young mother with her parents April and her newborn son

As for the young father to give up his son student did not, on the contrary - all helped to his girlfriend during pregnancy and after childbirth, and all promised to always be around. "I am happy to be a father. I am ready to do everything for their children, "- said about his feelings, Nathan.


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