Smiling mantis

Photographer Bertrand Kulik (Bertrand Kulik) was very excited when I saw an unusual color in one of the mantises, when I was taking pictures in his hometown of Issy-L'evêque (Issy l Evjque) in Burgundy, France.
Mr. Kulik said, "praying Mantises actually have two large green eyes and have excellent vision. The first time I realized that I had encountered something unusual. Looking closely, I saw that the mantis looked me in the face with the back of his head, without turning his head".

The mantis is quite a large predatory insect, which is well adapted for grasping prey forelegs. The male mantis reaches 42-52 mm, and the female — 48-75 mm in length. Mantis – a typical predator-zasadzki masquerading as their surrounding vegetation.

They are inactive when lie in wait for their prey, but when it appears within reach – they immediately grab it with his long forelegs, holding her with his thigh covered with spikes.

The posture of a praying mantis while waiting for his victim, is common to all the soothsayers, and gave its name Mantis religiosa: мantis in Greek means "soothsayer," "prophet," and religiosa in Latin means "religious." And all because in this pose, the mantis are like the man who folded their hands in prayer.

Females unlike the males, which feed on small insects can prey on the same size as themselves, and sometimes fairly large insects, exceeding them in some time.

The mantis actually has excellent vision thanks to their two large green eyes, — tells g-n Kulik, and it Liepaja on the back of the head, most likely a disguise from larger predators. But most of all the photographer has captured his adorable "smile", too, is a part of camouflage gear insect predator.

These beautiful images have managed to do it with macro shots. Though the mantis was posing for me. – I tried not to breathe, bringing the lens to the insect, explains the photographer — tried to be one with him. Required a lot of patience, but for how much joy you feel when the frame obtained is incomparable!

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