Poses for Portrait of a Man

1. The most common pose for portraits of men: with arms crossed. Pay attention to two things: shoulders should be straightened, picked up his stomach.

2. When it is necessary to shoot a full-length, then pose with crossed arms work well. Also ask the model to cross one foot over the other. Make sure that the weight is transferred primarily on one leg, or posture is ugly and uncomfortable.

3. Most often photographing the question: "Where do I put his hands?". In fact, the solution is quite simple. There are four main options for the location of the hands, which can be used in any combination.
1. Free hanging on the sides of the body.

2. Hands on hips

3. Hands in pockets

4. Hands crossed on his chest
In addition, the arms should be relaxed, do not strain your muscles (unless you're a bodybuilder).

4. It is a natural posture for a man in a standing position. In men, indeed, there are problems when shooting with the placement of the hands, so the option to keep them fully or partially in the side pockets can help achieve a natural and relaxed posture.

5. A variation of the previous poses. You can hold the clothes over his shoulder, the thumb of the other hand rests on his trouser pocket, his legs crossed. This position works very well.


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