Item 18 most successful photo shoot for Women

The true female nature always strives for excellence. This trend can be seen in everything, especially in photo shoots. Unsuccessful shot some ladies perceive as a personal tragedy. But there is no reason to be sad! Simply select a suitable position - and all goes well.

Try again, and your album is filled up delightful images!

Very easy pose for a portrait - the model looks at you over her shoulder. Pay attention to how unusual and interesting may look like a portrait, if you change the angle.

Very often when shooting portraits and model and photographer forget about hand position. However, you may have something creative, if you ask the model to play his hands, trying different positions at the head and face. The main thing to remember one rule - no flat, tense hands: the brush should be soft, flexible, and it is desirable that they were not addressed directly in the rear of the frame palm or wrist.

Perhaps you are familiar with the composition rule as the rule of thirds.

Very nice position for a seated model - with bringing together the knees.

Simple and natural position with a lot of options. Let the model experiment with the position of the hips, hands, head.

Simple and elegant at the same time pose. Model turned slightly to the side, hands in his back pockets.

This posture looks pretty relaxed. Do not forget that you can lean against a wall not only back, but also the shoulder, arm or thigh.

One of the best poses for slim models with a lot of options. To catch the most advantageous position, ask the model to change the position of the hands slowly and continuously curving body.

Successful pose for a photo shoot and a great view from which the model appears slimmer. Model stands sideways, chin slightly lowered down, and the shoulder is raised slightly. Please note that between the chin and the shoulder must remain a short distance.

Often, conventional postures are the most successful. The model must shift his weight on one leg and bend your body at the same time in the S-shape.

It is believed that the crossing arms and legs between people creates a psychological barrier, and photography is nerekomendatelno. However, this is not always the case. Pictures are worth a try to make a photo where the model arms crossed on his chest. This is an excellent position for a female photo shoot.

Another example pose for a photo in full growth, which is ideal for a photo shoot. Her hands, in whole or in part, in your pocket.

Hands behind the back of the model, an unusual, but very open and sincere posture. Also, the model can lean against the wall.

For the official portraits of decent approach is very simple, and at the same time, a spectacular position. The model is a bit sideways, and turned to face the photographer, his head slightly tilted to one side.

If nearby there is any high piece of furniture that you can lean on one hand, be sure to use it. This will help create a formal, but at the same time and features a free posture.

Another successful posture - sit on anything. Well suited for shooting indoors and outdoors.

Example feminine and winning pose for a picture in the full-length models.

Very difficult position. The main thing - the correct position of the feet. Carefully direct model, suggesting the desired position. The model have to be in high-heeled shoes.


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