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The summer - time of holidays and take a photo. That summer, we always have a camera with me, but how to choose the pose for pictures next? A small cheat sheet for those who are photographed and photographed. Of course, all the poses no show, but the main presented here may remember.

Poses for photographing couples

Such a posture would be particularly relevant among the bustling city, where a lot of people walking around with gray faces on the street, and you shine with happiness and love. In addition, you can try to repeat the famous kiss in Times Square between a sailor and a nurse.

Lovers sit at a table or lie on the ground, raising the upper part of the body. A man can hug his girlfriend, his hands crossed pairs. Better, of course, to smile, but you can pretty coo. Eliminates the need for a low angle.

By choosing this position lovers will look romantic and cute. Man looks manly and gentle and defenseless woman. By the way, with the help of the asymmetric arrangement of the photo will look much more original.

Lying couple on grass in a clear sunny day, what could be better?

Unusual angle while shooting gives a great result. Photo taken from above will look quite good, all the attention on the faces of the models.

A good way to show reverent attitude to the girl the guy in the photo - to hug him from behind. The couple can smile or talk to each other ...

Funny pose. It shows your cheerful disposition and a warm trust relationship to each other. Suitable not only for young couples and couples aged.

The following shows the posture perfectly sincere feelings, not only feelings of love, but in some cases, a sense of friendship. In addition, she emphasizes profitable beauty of their feet.

Perfect for a picture at sunset or sunrise.

Simple, unpretentious pose. Particularly suitable for shooting when the photograph not only themselves, but also the objects in the background.

Poses for photographing girls

If the girl has a beautiful figure, why not show it? One of the best options to do it in front of you:

If you feel Turgenev girl or just want to make a modest picture with subtle beauty a favorite, then this position is perfectly suitable to you:

Sexy pose. Not a bad replacement of photos with his hands, as You can put the camera on the table and start the timer, taking different positions of the body. By the way, the emphasis should be on sight, and you will look somewhat vulgar.

Pose on the grass among flowers is perfect for the summer season ...

Striking a pose. With all the juicy light fabric seats will be covered, but the back is beautiful, which will chip photo is open.

By adopting this pose important not to look "dying swan", and you get well, shot very dead ...

Good posture for sport, toned Girl:

Pose for the beach, although you can use it at home, lying on the couch.

Poses for photographing men

Crossed his arms and radiant smile - a win-win because through hands can create a kind of inflated biceps, well, smile - is always good.

Relaxed pose, but the lack of discipline is not welcome. All the better to draw the tummy muscles and strain.

Glamorous pose. Incidentally, the favorite fashion bloggers male.

Wonderful position for business men. As the support is better to choose some interesting wall (of different kinds of stones, for example).

Another pose for the business person who is saying "trust me, I will arrange everything┬╗.

A little clamped position, but clearly shows what the people at the workplace (objects on the table will be given with giblets).

Pose for photography companies and families

Be creative and you will be sure to succeed! :)


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