Training for the torso, which will help to strengthen and restore the spirit of the press

Rather than draw the belly and regret what you have done little to push-press, try for a few weeks this complex exercise. And you will feel your strong body, which communicates a lot of muscle, giving it harmony.
The internal obliques (the deepest), supporting press work together with others, hold the bottom zhivota.Spinnoy Erector (the muscle that is attached to your spine), gives the majestic bearing, causing increased growth visually. Rectus abdominis and external oblique muscles - strong and flexible, so your arms and legs look gracefully
. All notice how easy and relaxed you feel. Even in slinky velvet dress.

These poses create a dynamic balance between the press and the lower back, strengthening them.

1. Pose warrior III.
Begin the exercise of the mountain pose (heels slightly apart, big toes touching, legs straight, the chest is expanded, the pelvis in a neutral position). Putting your hands on your hips, take a step back with your right foot: the foot should be on the toe, the entire weight of the body on the left leg
. Keep your right leg straight and bend forward from the hips. Balance on your left foot the entire body from the right heel to toe, until the body will not be parallel to the floor. If necessary, bend the left knee.
Do not lean to the side, evenly distribute body weight on the foot width of the hips at the same level. At the beginning of classes in this position, do five breaths (breathing cycle - it is one inhalation and exhalation), gradually increase to 15 straighten and return to position mountains, repeat with the other leg

. 2. Pose strips.
Start from a standing position on the floor on his knees bent and arms outstretched, hands directly under shoulders, knees - under your hips. Slowly shifting, take back and straighten his legs, not touching the floor with your knees and standing on the toes, feet together. Shoulders back and down, arms straight and loose elbows. This plank pose. Keep ankles together, roll on the outside of his left foot, not spreading at the same time keeping the feet and legs straight. Imagine that in the heel, hip and spine is held straight line. Stretch your right hand toward the ceiling, then lift your head and look up. You must feel the "extension": abdominal muscles keep the body, not giving him to bend forward. Put your right hand on the floor and return to the plank pose. Repeat with the other hand. Hold each pose for five breaths.

3. The lowered plank pose.
From plank pose, leave your hands on the floor, fingers forward. Pull your shoulders back, tighten your leg muscles and press your pelvis in a neutral position. Bend your elbows bend down and down, not pressing his hands to the body. Get down as low as you can without moving your shoulders forward, without lifting the pelvis and hips without straining. Hold the position at the expense of the abdominal muscles, evenly distributing weight between the body and legs. Hold this position, then lower body on the floor. First, hold the pose one respiratory cycle gradually bringing the number of cycles up to five.

Crises? Forget about them. Balancing position - that's all you need to save the beautiful shape and elasticity of the muscles. To cope with the stressful pace of life, five times a day, take a tonic posture and stance greeting the sun.


These exercises can be done anytime and anywhere, as part of an exercise program, or as a separate complex.

Before the start of warm up for a few minutes: hiking, pomarshiruyte or even dance to. Then, when the body relax a little, repeat a few times the sun salutation. Do not forget to breathe properly.

Basics of breathing. Fulfilling posture, breathe deeply diaphragm, not the chest. Aperture works if the abdomen moves during breathing.

By focusing on your breathing, you are working on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for a decrease in heart rate and breathing, so you feel relaxed and calm.

Do the exercises in the silence, and even better - in nature, if warm enough. According to the instructor Charles Matkina, support for these exercises should be breathing, but not music. "Most people do abdominal exercises to music - he says. - This can lead to muscle tension, especially if you are already strained "

. Do the exercises in the given sequence. This complex can be done every day, along with aerobic exercise and strength training, replacing their standard system for the press a few weeks. When you learn how to pose, combine them with other exercises for the press.

4. Pose weights.
Sit on the floor directly on the pelvis, lower back and recorded elevated. Bend your knees and fasten your hands under your knees for support. Without bending your back, lift your legs so that the shins are parallel to the floor. Hold body using the abdominal muscles, the spine and hips extends as close as possible to the vertical. When you can hold this position for five breaths, straighten one or both legs, relying on the power of the press. Do not lean back and keep your back straight to lift his feet. The body should be straight and raised. Hold this pose for five breaths. Lower the leg to the floor.

5. Malta twisting.
Lie on your back, pull your knees to your chest. Lower back pressed to the floor. Spread the arms to the sides, palms down. Slightly lift the buttocks and hips move from the center to the right. Keeping knees together, slightly tilt their right. Breathe evenly and do not release your shoulders off the floor. The abdominal muscles have to control the movement. Knees are not necessarily lowered to the floor. Hold the pose for five breaths, then return the knees to the starting position. Repeat in the other direction.

6. Low lunge.
Get on your knees, right leg lunges forward knee directly above the ankle. Shin and foot left foot on the floor. Put your hands on the right thigh and slightly pull forward the top of the pelvis so as not to bend too. Raise your hands up, forearms parallel, palms facing each other. Body weight should be between the legs. Keep your body straight. Hold the pose for five breaths and gradually increase the number of cycles up to ten. Dip your hands, change the leg and repeat.


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