10 easy yoga poses for a good sleep, giving a stunning effect

Yoga - a discipline which can enjoy people of all ages and body types. "Yoga before going to bed" - a perfect evening habit, as these exercises help to relax the muscles and minds after a busy day. Jessica Matthews, an assistant professor of physical science Miramar College in San Diego, offers to choose the right exercises before you start practicing. "The most important thing - take care to themselves to understand what your body needs," - she says

Website shows the ten keys that will help you fast and sweet sleep all night. .

pose number 1: Meditation vnimatelnosti

This position is ideal for those who want to spend a few minutes before going to sleep in quiet contemplation

. Sit comfortably cross-legged on the bed. Sit so that pull the spine, relax the hands and take three deep breaths. Try your best to clear your mind and focus on deep breathing. Calming the mind may take some time

Posture number 2:. Tilt vpered

Tilting forward - a great tool if you want to fully stretch out before bedtime. Sit on the bed and slowly bend forward, and then gently reach the fingers toes. If you do not reach the feet, reach for your ankles, calves or thighs - where you can. Focus on exhaling as this will help you to deepen the stretch

pose number 3:. Pose mladentsa

Kneel on the bed, legs, fingers together behind you, and your knees hip-width apart. Slowly bend down until you find yourself between her thighs. Hold this position for as long as feel comfortable, breathe deeply

Pose number 4:. Turning to izgibom

This position really works wonders, stretching the spine and upper body. Start sitting cross-legged on the bed, and put your right hand on your left knee.

Put your left hand on the bed behind you, and carefully unscrew the body to the left. Turn your head so to look over your left shoulder.

Breathe deeply, then slowly return to starting position. Repeat on the other side turn

Pose number 5:. Reclining Boginya

This position - one of the most pleasant in this set. You will just lie on your bed

Start by lying on your back, bend your knees. Connect the soles of the feet together, and let your feet hang on either side of you.

Let your arms just lying around. If you begin to feel cramps or any tension in the lower body, place a pillow or two under each knee to lift your feet

Pose number 6:. Feet on stene

"Doing this exercise will weaken the tension in the legs," - says Vida Belkus, yoga instructor and one of the founders of Healthy Life Yoga Club of Boston. "People who find it difficult to meditate, can use this easier way to clear your mind" - says the instructor

. Sit on the bed, facing the wall. Lie down and pull your feet up on the wall. Let your arms rest at your sides, palms up. Breathe gently and feel the stretch in the back of the legs

Posture number 7:. Movement rulona

It is soothing, but, but at the same time quite physically challenging pose. This is similar to the popular "pose a happy child", because both legs are in the air at an angle toward you.

Lie on your back, hug your knees and press them to his chest. Cross your ankles together and clasp hands shin. Push your body forward, to sit down, and then fell back to exhale. "This exercise will stretch the lower back and hips," - says the instructor Belkus

Pose number 8:. Pose Golubya

This position is one of the most physically intense in this course, but it is an absolute miracle for tired legs!

Stand with knees, hands shoulder-width apart. Set the left knee down in front of his hands and pull your right leg behind you on the bed. Exhale, tilt your body forward to the left knee.

Stay in this position until you feel comfortable. Do this for a few minutes, if possible, and then switch legs

pose number 9:. Easy lying povorot

This exercise is ideal for morning exercise, right before the jump out of bed and be ready for a new day.

Lie on your back, hug your knees and gently press the breast. Keep your feet with his left hand under the knees and lower your knees to the left side of the bed. Let your head is also looking to the left. Stay in this position for some time, and then repeat on the other side

Pose number 10:. Pose ryby

This exercise can be a little difficult at first, especially for those with a bad back. But it is certainly an interesting position!

Lie on your back, and quickly place your hands under your hips. Then slowly lift the chest, and slowly pull your head back. Stay in this position for a while. Then lower and repeat.

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