Bright underwater inhabitants (18 + 4 photos video)

Cancer - mantis (Odontodactylus scyllarus), also known as mantis shrimp harlequin or Shrimp - mantis Pavlinova - belongs to the order of crustaceans.
These beings are endowed with an excellent vision and the ability to move quickly.
They are excellent hunters, who see prey better than special military equipment and stabbed the victim with a .22 caliber bullet force.

Somehow Roy Caldwell, a professor of biology at the University of California at Berkeley, decided to show them one journalist. There, they say, we have here in the aquarium strange, almost unexplored creatures that lurk in coral reefs. Caldwell ran a hand over glass - and suddenly it shattered with a bang. 150 liters of water poured into the laboratory. 30-inch aquarium inhabitants could not stand provocation and with one blow smashed glass.

Militant crustaceans earned notoriety. They are called Rumble cancers, bullies, murderers, terrorists crabs. Officially, this is not the peaceful inhabitants of the underwater kingdom is called cancer-mantis. Its name to the sea bully obliged one of the pairs of their maxillipeds - the second front. With their help, crayfish pummel opponents hit a monstrous force. Maxillipeds segments bent at a hair's breadth, as in insects mantis. And just like praying mantises, these animals are able to instantly throw the limb forward to seize the prey. "Blow insect praying mantis takes about 100 milliseconds. At this rate we blink, - says Roy Caldwell. - A mantis shrimp has about 50 times faster! This is one of the fastest movements, which are generally capable of animals ».

Cancer - mantis very colorful and highly intelligent predators living in the coral reefs of tropical and subtropical waters of the ocean. They can be seen at a depth of 2 to 70 meters.

Mantis shrimp play an important role in the ecosystem of reefs, controlling their populations and species. They are also a good bioindicator and, since it is very sensitive to pollution, which makes them an important barometer of the health of coral reefs.

There are more than 450 kinds of cancers - mantis adult size in the range from 2 to 40 cm, although the vast majority of these cancers has a size of 4 to 10 cm. At the time of their call Mantis shrimp strangeness is that they reality are neither shrimp nor mantises, their proper name - stomatopods

Crayfish - mantises have cute appearance, but especially no mistake: stomatopods are aggressive, lonely crustaceans that spend most of their time in a hole and tend to come out of their hiding places only for hunting, moving, or to find a mate. < br />


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