10 fairy-tale films, from which will delight both adults and children

Sometimes you want to watch with your child genuine, beautiful story. Such that both enjoy: full of magic and at the same time instructive, kind, full of meaning.

Website has selected 10 films for children, after which the soul becomes lighter and dream dreams fabulous.

Where the Wild Things Are Where the Wild Things Are

Little Max - risible and extremely impressionable kid who loves to play and have fun. He'd like adult attention, but they are constantly busy with their adult problems. And one day, Max flees alone in the park, sits in a boat and suddenly for himself, as befits a fairy tale, swims in a magical land, where he became king. Adults will find thousands of subtexts, and children just happy to look colorful film.

Peter Pan Peter Pan

The film kept the spirit of the source. Before us is a fairyland, where eternally young hero fights with the same eternal treacherous pirates, there is a place where true friendship and the first true love, fairies and flying. And Peter mischievous smile is worth something! This fairy tale to adults certainly seem very emotional and not just make a smile - sometimes with sadness about bygone childhood.

Polar Express The Polar Express

This cartoon, but did not mention it, we could not, because he allegedly made up of assembled pieces of happiness. This is the story of a little boy whose sister is waiting for Christmas, and he no longer believes in anything. He get the chance to ride on "The Polar Express" and learn what true friendship and at the same time again to believe in miracles, it is sometimes useful to all of us.

Jungle Book The Jungle Book

The new "Jungle Book" - a special world: the world of animals with their own laws, a special look at the man and his place among them. bright film (schedule such a level that painted animals seem alive), dynamic, filled with excellent jokes. It is made so that the children watched without stopping. And this is not an empty

Spiderwick. The Chronicles of The Spiderwick Chronicles

When the family moved to an old house standing on the edge, begin to make strange things. There is hidden from the eyes of the mysterious land populated by fantastic creatures. Children in an effort to protect his secret, experience unusual adventures: meet ogres and fairies are the spells and charms. A good tale about how important it is, in spite of everything, to unite and to be a real family.

Time Keeper Hugo

Cleverly inventive Hugo manages to uncover the secret of the mysterious mechanism that left his father dead. He embarks on a journey that will change all those around him, and lead to a safe and beautiful place that he would call home. This is a story of great human heart, an enormous willpower and true love, which allows a person to achieve the desired and stay with the person.

The Secret of Moonacre The Secret of Moonacre

Young Maria moved to the estate to Sir Benjamin, an eccentric uncle, whom she had never heard before, and finds himself in a new world, where there is space and friendship, and danger. She - the last Moon Princess, she will reveal the secrets of the past in order to save the new house. This story tells about unobtrusively bloodless victory of good over evil. Adults have to watch it, leaving aside for the time their critical thinking and allowing yourself to stay a little child of five years. Just watch and enjoy.

Magic Silver Julenatt i Blåfjell

Blyurouz - princess of the kingdom of gnomes, hidden away in the Norwegian mountains. Little dwarf the people responsible for the magic hour between daylight and darkness of night, which is created with the help of the magic silver. But silver is stolen, and the world plunged into eternal night, it must be saved. Charts in the film a bit, and typically does not have the Hollywood cliches, instead of beautiful landscape shots, unhurried act and direct, clear even the smallest moral message about the importance of tradition.

Cinderella Cinderella

This tale everyone knows: a good father and a beautiful girl, a widow, she married a second time. The stepmother was angry and grumpy, and her daughter - greedy and envious. Poor from the mistress of the house turns into a maid, but with the help of a fairy godmother all ends well. According to an ancient tale the director managed to shoot beautiful light film, while maintaining the spirit of the source, and bringing something new: what are alone dialogues in verse, which you will not hear in everyday life! That's what she and fairy tale. Tale from which little princess will love.

Paddington Paddington

Meet this bear named Paddington from Peru. He came to London to find a family and become a true English gentleman he somehow thought that all British - courteous, but immediately hit the rush hour and miraculously found a shelter for the night. Good modern fairy tale that reminds us of family values ​​and how much benefit good manners than with rudeness. Children will not be looking to follow the adventures of a bear, and adults will not get bored excellent British humor.

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