Decorative rats are gaining popularity

Decorative rats are popular among pet lovers. These hardy clever animals more than other mammals are suitable for keeping in a city apartment. They do not require special feeds and special conditions necessary for aquarium fish. You can put the cage with the rats in any place, and animals will thrive and multiply in the home, quickly becoming tame.


And don't make do I decorative?!


Experts and those, who appreciate such properties of rats:

— they are "intelligent", more curious, privative and cleaner than other small Pets;

— they require little space and inexpensive food;

— caring for them is extremely easy.




Wild gray and black rats, living in houses and courtyard buildings, rarely of interest to animal lovers, but their descendants, decorative rats, have become tame, very funny, well live in cages, are unpretentious and are among people of many passionate supporters. Rats are very intelligent animals, not inferior in intelligence to cats and dogs, almost not emit unpleasant odour, which differ in many mammals.


Rats, however, do not possess in such a wide extent as an ornamental mouse, the ability to produce color-varieties, so there is wide scope for breeder-lover, interested in genetics. Decorative rats are usually white, sometimes white with markings of black, gray or brown.

Fancy rats can be trained, and they become even more interesting than those animals, which had just purchased at the pet store.For those who love animals but don't have sufficient time or opportunities, decorative rat can become a pet and a friend.


Ancestors fancy rats

These animals are descended from the gray and black rats, which in the wild live in nature and in the basements and attics of our homes, in domestic buildings. Gray and black rats belong to the genus of rats, the family myomorpha, Rodentia, of the class of mammals. In Russia, the black rat has long been known, and the rat from about the 17th century, when it was noted the relocation of large rat swarms from places of former habitat: Northern China, Eastern Mongolia and India. Now rat lives almost across the globe, and black — in Europe have become less numerous.



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