5 chilling facts about the normal rats

It would seem - well, that in rats so terrible? For example, not all of them seem cute little animals and touching - but that at the sight of some unfortunate rodent heart-rending scream and scramble for tables and chairs ...
Do not tell. We know of at least five reasons to justify such a reaction.

1. It is still up to you will get

Monsters of the classic horror frightening, not only and not so much bloodlust. They are virtually unstoppable - this is what causes us to press in the chair. You can latch on to any number of locks and take any precautions, but if Jason from "Friday the 13th" Freddy from the "Nightmare on Elm Street" or some "The Woman in Black" have announced to you hunt, chances are you ... you You understand. With the rats - the same story. Though in a cake hurt himself, thinking how to protect them from the house, but if a rat decided to come back to visit you - she does, to be sure. Rat does not cost anything to climb on any ventilation. Let's say you have provided this opportunity and plugged all the holes. However, as it turned out in the course of the study (.pdf), a small rat does not cost anything to lift an object weighing more than 0, 5 kg if it suspects that the other side of parquet appetizing. They are able to squeeze into the tiny hole - a diameter of not more than a quarter of the circumference of the rat. It is almost ready the T-1000 in the second part of the Terminator: steel cover its network and it will seep between the bars, do not have time to blink an eye. They have another favorite way to penetrate into our homes - the pipes. And four centimeters in diameter, it is enough. And yet - they are champions in swimming. Putting these two skills and have an animal that one day could come up out of your toilet. And such cases are not uncommon. Let's say you had managed to block them, and this opportunity - so what? If they took for you, they progryzut itself a separate entrance through the wall, they shall not lose anything. Nature (probably to keep us on our toes) awarded rats are incredibly strong, even for rodents, the muscles of the jaw. And while some bunny peacefully gnaws bark of a tree, these small creatures Give bricks, cement and even lead. Their incisors grow all his life, and they have no other choice but to grind them constantly.

2. They multiply with incredible speed


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