How to make the kitchen in shabby chic style

The kitchen is the place where the owner spends most of the time. In order for this time to be spent with pleasure, it should be snug and comfortable. The shabby chic style is a subtle beauty, style, reflecting feminine.

The furniture sets offered by mass producers of furniture in finished form, are not usually sophistication. But in order for the interior of the kitchen is unrecognizable, spend a lot of money do not have.

Tip: this style is one of those areas that is easy to implement in the interior with their own hands. Apply a little hard work and imagination, your kitchen will be transformed.

Photos: floral prints in the interior of the kitchen style shabby chic

The history of styleLiterally the phrase shabby chic is translated as "distressed luxury". Officially this direction in design appeared about twenty years ago. The founder of this direction, which first began to design the interior in a style considered Rachel Eshvell. In principle, it did not reveal anything new: the elements of interior made in a similar manner, have been found earlier. This beautifully presented idea, highlighted the major points.

Shabby chic is very individual and every home will look in its own way. It reflects habits of the owner, his personality. A distinctive feature of the cuisine made in this style – the use of old, antique things. Rachel loved to visit junk shops, markets and garage sales, furniture, and introduced this element to your new style. Kitchen shabby chic is a successful combination of old elements of the interior, decorated with stylish details. Style start allowed in England, but the indigenous British are very Thrifty and rarely throw their things.


Features directionAs any other direction in design, this style has its distinctive features. Before you start planning your activities on the implementation of the interior in the kitchen should pay attention to the following things:

– finishing materials;
– combinations of colors and textures;
– lighting;
– textiles.

The kitchen in this style consists of elements of the interior from different era.

Tip: a common design course – artificial aging. Using this method it is even possible with modern furnishings to adapt to this style.

Give the charm of the past Antiques, but you can use new elements that imparted the appropriate type. The shabby chic will fit well even household appliances: many small details and accessories will create the impression of antiquity, masking objects of modern life.

Photo: ware in shabby chic style

Pay attention to the colorMaximum use of bright colors – different kitchen shabby chic. The use of pastel, diluted colors gives the interior a light, really romantic. Common colors like light pistachio, ash-pink, pale blue, pale pink. You can focus on the shades of white and cream shades. In the end, when the work is finished, the kitchen should be bright and warm.

To the interior didn't look quite pale in overall color palette brings bright colors, for example, blue or red. The combination of translucent colors with a bright accent makes the room impressive.

Tip: ensure that the colored accents were not too flashy. Do the muted, matte finish.

Kitchen in this style will suit a light, sophisticated floral prints, subtle floral patterns, and small stripes or a cage.

Materials for the decorationof Shabby chic involves the use of simple materials. Common variant – to paste over the wall Wallpaper with flowers. But you can use other design techniques to decorate their tree or just paint the appropriate paint.

Floors the best thing to do hardwood, but you can put the tiles, your kitchen will be more practical. Fit tiles, or alternatively – the two colors of tile, which is placed diagonally. Thus made a retreat to the retro style.

Ceiling in shabby chic style should be of natural materials. It is decorated with stucco or assembled beams made of wood. This design direction denies layered drywall construction, suspended ceilings, plastic. Antique ceiling with faux cracks is not always in harmony with the interior. Therefore, the designers have used an interesting move – to-ceiling frescoes, depicting delicate flowers, angels. This finish looks incredible, but its price is also high.

Photo: the finishes of the walls in the kitchen interior style shabby chic

FurnishedKitchen shabby chic must contain the items of furniture that is made in a vintage style or antique. The signs of antiquity, scuffs, cracks – this is what distinguishes this design direction.

Reconsider the elements you have available: maybe you can find something suitable. For example, grandma's old cupboard, which she had inherited. This piece of furniture, painted white and fitted with appropriate inserts from nacre, perfectly support the kitchen in this style.

For kitchen shabby chic choose tables with top oval. Furniture legs – gracefully curved, they seem to emphasize the room in this style. Usually the furniture is made with bright colors, but pure white use is not worth it. It is better to create the effect of fading, dullness shades of beige, grey colors. In textiles is dominated by organic fabrics, in pastel colours with a delicate floral pattern.

This direction in design suitable for a sensitive, romantic nature, sophisticated man, who can be called a dreamer. But with the help of some artistic techniques easy to retreat from excessive sweetness, cloying this direction and achieve the effect of noble antiquity. published

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