Kitchen in the style of Provence: how to draw with your hands

Sea breezes, immersed in the delicate flowers of the meadows, a cozy cottage on the shore of a sea open wide the window, developing curtains, the aromas of fresh baking...

Many of us would like to live in the South-East of France, but few can afford such global changes in his life.

But each of us can carry a piece of France to your home and design the interior living space in Provence style. That's what we'll do in this article, take a look at the kitchen in the Provence style, which its main features and how to draw with your hands.

Kitchen Provence: French chic and merging with nature

Historically, Provence is one of the most beautiful parts of France. And although the French with some resentment relate to the fact that Provence is given too much attention (in other regions also has an equally beautiful nature), yet it is on the South-East of France a few centuries ago was born the eponymous style, which is now widely used throughout the world.

We offer you to clearly define the boundaries of this style and to identify the main criteria by which to correctly make the kitchen interior in Provence style.

No wonder artists around the world to this day trying to get to the South-East of France in order to draw inspiration. Lavender meadows, olive groves, vineyards stretching into the distance the sea fascinates with its beauty, relax, tune in a positive way, create certain conditions for the soul, which you want to create.

Add to this the local gastronomic tradition – the aroma of grilled meat with Basil and sage, a divine smell of baked fish with garlic and cherry tomatoes and you'll understand how to make a kitchen design in a Provencal style.

The head of all here is comfort and home hospitality. He occupies a dominant position. Other adjectives that help to reveal the essence of the style is simplicity, lightness, airiness and elegance.

The word "Provence" means "province". Therefore, this style is inherent in the features of rustic natural materials, rough finishes, lots of natural lighting, the dominant role of textiles and man-made elements.

Colors marked with quiet, natural hues, such as nature itself. The interior reflected the endless sky, lavender meadows, olive groves, sunflower fields. Merging with nature and the breath of tranquility is felt in every crease of the curtain, each crack of the old furniture, every stitch embroidered tablecloth.

Now when we are transported mentally to the South of France, felt on the lips taste the salty sea and feel the scent of rosemary, you can move further and closer examination of the Provence style in kitchen interior. In the next section we will learn how to arrange the kitchen space with their hands according to the style. Meanwhile you can enjoy the ideas of creating the cuisine of Provence.

Kitchen interior in the style of Provence: prepare correctly their hands

In order to properly organize the space required a basic understanding of ergonomics and to make the kitchen in accordance with a certain style, you must know its characteristics. We offer you to decide on the main components of the style of Provence.

1. Natural materials, presented by the mother Nature. Wood, stone, metal, and textiles from these materials the furniture is made, the system finishes the design of the cuisine of Provence. Wooden furniture, stone countertops, wrought iron candle holders, curtains made of natural fabrics, so it looks like the kitchen in the Provence style.

2. Soft pastel shades. Colors, again, brings us back to nature. In this style of finish is often used in dairy, camel, olive, lavender, yellow, turquoise color (they are a bit muted and faded shades, as is often the case in the Sunny beach regions). To contrast often used dark gray or rich brown color.

In the furniture color scheme is white in colour which can be cream or yellowish tint. But also the furniture can be blue, turquoise, pistachio colors with a touch of time (zatonirovany or with patina).

In any case, the entire interior needs to be decorated in soothing and warm tones, and even the accents here are bright, but natural colors such as, orange, Burgundy, lilac, dirty-red.

3. On the walls of plaster, decorative plaster or textured Wallpaper. The walls are usually decorated in monochrome, occasionally add vegetable motifs in the painting. In the working area of the apron can be made in the form of colorful mosaics.

4. The floor is carpeted or stone boards. Of the more modern flooring materials you can select laminate flooring or tile with imitation wood surface.

5. The ceiling is flat white. To give the appropriate color ceiling decorated with wooden beams (in modern life they can be replaced with polyurethane beams, imitating wood surface).

6. An abundance of natural light minimises the use of additional lighting. The large Windows let in lots of light and a huge chandelier lights the whole kitchen, so a variety of lighting under the cabinets, led beams and other new-fangled "stuff" is not used. Max – some additional wall lights in the dining area. Modern spotlights are also used in the design of the kitchen in the style of Provence, where the same without them. But initially, the rule was given that is one or two chandeliers.

7. A huge role in the interior play details – cute knick-knacks placed on the open shelves, wicker baskets, vases, figurines, pottery. Walls can be decorated the great clock, a painting or mural.

8. Kitchen in Provence style with your hands is made very easy – for this you need to be able to sew and embroider, to have the elementary skills of decoration (painting, decoupage, craquelure).

9. Classic kitchen in the style of Provence – is a kitchen island. But even if the area of your kitchen will introduce a work zone in the center of the room, try to at least dining table to place in the middle of the room (but not to put close to the wall).

We hope that the above-described characteristics will help you design a distinctive space that is not devoid of comfort, warmth and comfort. After all, a kitchen of Provence – she's so beautiful, cozy, unique and calming.


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