15 of the best water parks in the world

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1. Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Kansas City
The park has the highest and fastest water slide in the world.

2. Water World, Colorado
Water World Colorado Water Park recognized as the largest in the United States. It contains 49 rides. You can even rent the houses.

3. Akvavenchur (Aquaventure), Dubai
Akvavenchur (Aquaventure), Dubai In Dubai, as always everything in a big way. Water park is in the middle of the desert, and it even has an aquarium with sharks.

4. Tropical Island (Das Tropical Islands Resort), Germany
Tropical Island (Das Tropical Islands Resort), Germany Aqua Park built in a former hangar for airships. It is completely closed and maintains a constant temperature of 26 ° C. Here is the biggest indoor beach in the world.

5. Beach Park, Brazil
Beach Park, Brazil In this water park is the second largest water slide in the world and almost vertical waterfalls. Thrills guaranteed.

6. Sunway Lagoon (Sunway Lagoon), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sunway Lagoon (Sunway Lagoon), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Water Park is famous for the longest river and the most spacious artificial beach for surfing. Waves in the pool reaches three meters.

7. Wet'n Wild, North Carolina
Wet'n Wild, North Carolina If you're a fan of dynamic amusement park that you just love. Here you will find tunnels, "dead loop", waterfalls and other breathtaking adventures.

8. Area 47, Austria
Area 47, Austria In this park 47 species of the most incredible and exciting entertainment!

9. Adalend in Kusadasi, Turkey
Adalend in Kusadasi, Turkey This park consists of three parts with a dolphinarium, a marine park and aquarium. There are water rides for the most fearless and 20 slides.

10. Aquaventure, Bahamas
Aquaventure, Bahamas This park has a copy of the Mayan temple, where a small stream winds, as well as a waterfall, through which you enter the cave, completely devoid of light.

11. Blizzard Beach (Blizzard Beach), Orlando, Florida
Blizzard Beach (Blizzard Beach), Orlando, FL This is an old ski resort with long road, turn to aquatic adventures. At this point, the fastest river in the world.

12. Caneva, Italy
Caneva, Italy Caneva - is only part of a much more vast amusement park Canevaworld, which combines the attractions associated with the cinema, music festivals and medieval.

13. Wet'n Wild, Australia
Wet'n Wild, Australia In this park 40 varieties of entertainment from a completely relaxing to downright insane. For example, you fall into the water during a storm in the dark.

14. Wildwater Kingdom, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Wildwater Kingdom, Allentown, Pennsylvania This popular park has 30 attractions and each year new entertainment.

15. Water Cube (Water Cube), Beijing, China
Water Cube (Water Cube), Beijing, China Park was built for the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 and used for performances or sporting events. Among the notable attractions note falling on top of a hill with water and bends 180 degrees.

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