Experts have called the best job in the world

The company is Tourism Queensland, which is a tourist operator and owner of several Islands, which are included in the Great barrier reef and worldwide spread ads about the best job in the world — the position of caretaker of the island. Duties include pool cleaning, fish feeding, mail collection, maintenance of the website and for all this the company will pay $110 thousand per year. To obtain this position you need to remove the clip and send it to the organizer.

Of course, it has not escaped the public Internet, and the news spread like a boom on all websites in the world. Just sent 34 685 summary of the 200 countries in the world. In the end, the position was held by Briton Ben Southal (Ben Southall).

But, says about his impressions Ben, the job of caretaker is not perfect. You need to work almost daily, not to relax for a minute. And there is no place of beauty and sunbathing.

Most likely Ben Southal just jealous of his countryman Tommy Lynch (Tommy Lynch), who is to do the most wonderful work in the world.

30-year-old Tommy works as a tester of water parks around the world. His work consists in, that the first to ride on the various slides, estimating the height, speed, amount of water in the trays and safety.

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