Experts claim that China is on the brink of ecological disaster

China, the year 2013. Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai — a huge showcase of a rapidly developing economy, huge Asian tiger, which shows that consecutive year of rapid growth. China, which was a predominantly agricultural country, almost caught up with the advanced economies of the world. Last year 2012 was a turning point: China obgonyaet the second economy in the world — the Japanese. Large human resources, which are estimated at 1.4 billion people, and their cheapness affects the rapid industrialization of China, and manufactured goods from the low cost of taking over the world.


Few people know, for example, about the Chinese cars about 20 years ago, now the cheap Chinese fakes of European, American and Japanese cars find their customers worldwide at a lower price range.


Yes, China is, of course, deserves respect, but, as has been said, a nice window for external consumption for people from the West. And the window is hidden from prying eyes is a terrible reality — industrialization inefficient, horrible methods in which people are pawns and simple material.

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