China: 7 best cities to visit

Where to go in China, what cities to visit? This question worries every traveler planning to travel in this extraordinary Asian country. There are so many incredible cities in China with the most interesting spiritual and cultural heritages and beautiful landscapes, which could be a perfect picture for postcards.

And to make a route trip to China can be a very daunting task, because to choose only a few Chinese cities when visiting this huge and mysterious Asian countries is very difficult. The most popular tourist destination welcomes travelers in the cities of China has for decades. We chose 7 of the best cities in China to visit.

1. Beijing

King of the East and capital of the people's Republic of China – Beijing is a centre of international trade and political center of China. Being quite a modern city in every sense of the word, it still remains a place that has not lost touch with its heritage, great culture and spirituality that makes China so extraordinary. The ancient city is home to some world famous attractions such as the Great wall of China, Tiananmen square, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and Forbidden city are only some of the many list.

2. XI'an

The ancient Chinese city of Xian is over 3000 years old, and he has served as the capital for over 13 dynasties under the control of 73 different emperors in its heyday. Regardless of the basis of the Chinese Empire, the region boasts the most important in the history of the periods of culture and influence. People travel from all over the world to Xian to see the famous Terracotta army, Big Goose Pagoda and thousands of other ancient remnants, incredible museums and relics of the past.

3. Shanghai

Shanghai is the most urbanized among all cities in China, being the gateway to the future, as it is often called. Excellent infrastructure and advanced technology has ensured the continued prosperity of the city, and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds. It is home to more than 23 million people, and the region became one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Presenting a fascinating and intriguing combination where East meets West, Shanghai anywhere in the world, is considered the first cosmopolitan city.

4. Guilin

This is the most glorious city of the China situated on the banks of the river Lee. Karst mountains are visible all along the horizon, giving a deep emerald green waters of rivers and lakes that surround Guilin and giving it an almost magical quality. Travelers don't need to leave the city too far to be surrounded by nature. Almost like in the scenery of the movies, the great limestone mountain, the old Chinese junks, which skim across the water, and a little fog in the morning air will enchant you for a moment.

5. Ningbo

As one of the main trading ports on the Great Silk road, he lost status. And although today this modern port lacks some of the madness other major cities of China, he remains very calm and quiet place, giving the guests a more relaxed feeling. Mostly the travelers visit here, Tianyi square, pavilion and Buddhist island.

6. Sichuan

It is a world heritage site well known for its magnificent scenery, waterfalls, deep azure and emerald coloured lakes and 72,000 hectares of the protected area, which is easily distinguished by the serrated horizons of snowy peaks of the mountains. The region cannot be called large and prosperous, but rather a set of quite different from each other stunning village. And believe me, this will be one of the stops on your tour through the cities of China you can't miss.

7. Qingdao

This is one of the most unusual cities in China. Known among the locals as the Chinese Switzerland, and is popular among tourists for the past decades. His architectural influence has a distinctly Teutonic character. Travellers visit the city of beautiful beaches and delicious beer. Hilly old town is simply charming. Fresh air comes down from the mountains and speaks to the lack of urban pollution that plagues other Chinese cities.published


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