The TOP 6 most unusual in the world of water parks

On the calendar — the middle of summer, and millions of office workers only think about how to be somewhere away from his native city, and closer to the warm sea, pool or water Park. That's about the top ten most unusual in the world of water parks and will be discussed in this review.

Water Park in an old airplane hangar
In Germany, near the village of Ricnoletot-Stukov there is a whole entertainment complex called Tropical Islands Resort. This is a huge indoor water Park, created in the aviation hangar, built before the Second World War. Previously, it was kept a gigantic airships, and now there is a rest people, splashing in the pools and sliding down the water slides.

Sixty three million forty four thousand seven hundred sixty

Water Park under the wing of the plane
In one of the cities of Oregon appeared very unusual water Park. He is in the building, whose roof is installed this aircraft Howard Hughes HK-1. The inner interiors of this facility is also dedicated to aviation — here under the roof hang small planes and helicopters.

Eighty two million forty five thousand six hundred twelve

Water Park in the Olympic Aquatic Cuba
One of the most famous objects, constructed for Summer Olympics of 2008, Beijing was the so-called "Water Cube" — a futuristic building, which were swimming competition. However, Beijing was not needed on a permanent basis such a huge pool. So after the Olympics it was a water Park Happy Magic Water Park. However, part of it is easily turned back into a pool when needed.

Sixty seven million seven hundred nineteen thousand eight hundred sixty seven

Water Park in the style of Disney
Disney has a network of theme parks around the world. It including includes the water Park Disney's Blizzard Beach, located in the Walt Disney World Resort. It is located near the city of Orlando in the U.S. state of Miami. It turns out that Mickey mouse also sunbathe and swim!

Ninety six million five hundred four thousand three hundred eighty

The water Park at the bottom of the quarry
The Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur is one of the largest and most unusual facilities of its kind. It was built on the bottom and slopes of an old granite quarry, and therefore all its equipment, including and the waterfall looks very natural and natural.

Forty six million forty nine thousand four hundred forty seven

Snake Park
It turns out that not all the people on Earth are afraid of snakes. After all, who otherwise would go to the water Park Hurricane Harbor in new Jersey, one of the attractions which is a huge and naturalistic Cobra?

Sixty six million sixty five thousand two hundred twenty one

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